Can I just have a spiritual moment?

Can I just have a spiritual moment? here

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Content is divided into four sections:



13 modules about Jesus’ life, downloads of the Gospels and a pub quiz to test your knowledge. Try one of these:

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arrow The miracles of Jesus

arrow Pub quiz

arrow Everyday sayings of Jesus



16 modules look at Jesus’ famous followers from ancient saints to modern day heroes. Try one of these:

arrow Green Jesus

arrow CS Lewis

arrow Finding faith

arrow Faith v science?



12 modules that aim to help you discover more about prayer and the inner life. Try one of these:

arrow How to pray

arrow Happiness e-course

arrow Daily prayer

arrow Nativity icon



16 modules that show how Jesus has been interpreted and explored by artists, writers and film makers. Try one of these:

arrow Steve Turner’s poems

arrow Jude Simpson’s poems

arrow Lizzie Everard’s blessings

arrow Jesus is for losers

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