Finding faith

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Sister Winsome

 Sister Winsome

Sister Winsome is an Anglican Sister of the Community of St Mary the Virgin. Her passion is “sharing Jesus with people”. Her interests include the literature, movies and legal system of the United States.

1. Why is Jesus important to you?
He is my life. He is my friend. He is my spiritual adviser. I turn to him constantly, at the good moments and the bad, reassured that he is always supportive. He is my life now and my promise for the future. I cannot imagine my life without him.

2. How did your faith begin?
On 1 July 1979, when I asked Jesus into my life. I wanted a closer relationship with him which was only possible by asking him into my life completely. He came. That was the start of my life of faith.

3. Have you ever found faith hard to keep?
There have been moments when I’ve questioned where my faith is leading me, but in the end God has never let me down. He has led me through situations that seemed impossible. Ultimately, it has not been hard to keep faith because he has been faithful.

4. What does believing in Jesus mean to your everyday life?
Becoming a nun meant dedicating my life to Jesus. He is the centre of my everyday life of prayer, worship and community living. My beliefs flow into every aspect of my life. No part is unaffected by my relationship with Jesus.

5. What encouragement would you give someone looking for faith?
Don’t give up! Jesus doesn’t give up on you. He is waiting and ready to welcome you at any moment that you come to him. Why wait to do so when today you can enjoy his love, mercy, comfort and friendship – all the things that make life worth living.

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In these pages, we take a down-to-earth look at religious faith by asking people about their experience. Some people have a rock-solid sort of faith, while others seem to cling on by their fingernails. What’s your experience? How would you answer our five questions (see below).

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