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Prayer is a rewarding and life enhancing conversation with God. But at times it can be difficult. You can feel isolated from others, running out of things to say and getting distracted. Pre-written daily prayers, started centuries ago by Monks and Nuns, can be a great help. The words already written can help you concentrate and to know that many other people are praying along with you can be enormously encouraging. Jesus encouraged his followers to pray regularly and discipline is needed to accomplish that. Daily prayers help by developing a habit.

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What the rejesus daily prayer sections are for

Opening Clock
The first screen shows you that it knows what day and time it is and lets you know if you are doing morning, daytime or night prayer. It draws you from the busyness of life and the environment of computers into a deeper world of imagery and focus on Christ. The meditative ‘Jesus Clock’ could symbolise Jesus’ presence with us every second.

Traditionally daily prayers have had different focus for each day. Sunday focusses on Jesus’ death and resurrection. Monday is the Holy spirit and mission and so on through the week. With the rejesus daily prayer Each day of the week, Sunday to Saturday, Jesus is given an alternative name to mirror this tradition. The large background image also emphasises that name.

Beginning prayer
The opening prayer is where you can focus your thoughts and attention on prayer. It gets you into the mood. There is a different prayer for the three different times of the day - morning, daytime and night.

Each of these prayers asks you to think about your situation or mood by asking you some questions to promote thought. It then finishes with a prayer.

The story
In this Jesus focused daily prayer there are 31 stories taken from the four gospels (the first four books of the New Testament) and from Acts (the next book that talks about what happened next…).

Each day of the month you will get a different story that shows a glimpse of Jesus life. Some of these might be familiar and well known. Others might be new to you. Each story has some thoughts or ideas for meditation that can help you reflect more on the passage.

Prayer exercise
After the bible passage there is time given to prayer. There are a range of different prayer exercises to try from simply sitting in silence to pouring out the desires of your heart. Give them a try. Prayer can be much more than sitting with your eyes closed and your hands together.

The world
The daily prayer finishes off with a suggestion of some action that can take what you have received and give out to the world around you. These actions tie the daily prayer together as they relate to the name of Jesus for that day.

 Seasonal changes

Rejesus daily prayer
Every time you launch the daily prayer you will get a different visual and textual experience. If you use it in the morning you will get the morning prayer with its readings and suggestions for that day. Later on is daytime prayer and after 8pm you will get night prayer.

The images and colours change throughout the year. The full screen background tint changes throughout the day

The tinted strip across the middle changes with the seasons. The 14 faces of Jesus across the middle of the opening screen are a clock. Reading by year, month, date, hour, minutes and seconds.


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About this module

The rejesus daily prayer has been written for anyone to use who has no experience whatsoever with prayer, regular or otherwise. From it you can get ideas about different aspects of prayer and it could give you a taste of where a prayer life could lead.

Written and designed by Bruce Stanley

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