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In this module we explore the extraordinary imagination of CS Lewis. Below and in the links to the right you will find more about his story, his writing – both the famous Narnia books but also his science fiction writing and non fiction theology. And we review the recent Hollywood adaptation.

 CS Lewis: his story
 Film Review

He imagined a world of talking animals when he was still a boy. He fell in love and married when he was old.

Steve Tomkins went to see The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for rejesus, and gives his verdict on the movie.

 Faith and magic
 Young Jack

What’s the link between Narnia’s world of fauns, witches and magic, and our world? How did CS Lewis want his books to be read?

How did the experiences of the young CS Lewis (known as ‘Jack’ to his family and friends) shape his adult life and writing.

 Behind the wardrobe
 The Narnia books

How CS Lewis came to write the chronicles of Narnia is a story in itself, including dreams of lions and stories of talking animals.

What are the seven books of Narnia, what story does each of them tell, and what order should they be read in?

 Quote unquote
 Further Reading

“The Future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour…” Quotes by CS Lewis.

If you enjoyed the Narnia stories, why not look at some of the many other books written by CS Lewis, or at biographies of him?


Explore websites about the Chronicles of Narnia and CS Lewis, ranging from the official Disney site to one run by Lewis’s stepson.

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About this module

Our famous follower in these pages is CS Lewis, known as ‘the apostle to the sceptics’ in 20th century Britain, but his books, including Narnia, are read around the world. He is the author of scholarly books, science fiction, popular theology and his children’s classics, the Chronicles of Narnia. All of them shot through with his imaginative and powerful retelling of the Christian story.

These pages were written by Stephen Tomkins.

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