Are you scared of theology?

11/11/08 | Posted by ellen

Theology has always seemed to me like a specialist 'way of thinking about God', something best left to the professionals. But, I am slowly starting to realise that this might not be true...Whenever we think about God, imagine God, speak about God aren't we 'doing theology'?

 Take your seat and bluff some theology

The word theology originates from classical Greek - combing two Greek words theos (god) and logos (rational utterance) i.e. ‘God think/speak’. So, surely, any of us who engage in trying to communicate our thinking about God are ‘doing theology’. However, sharing a language, using familiar terms, understanding traditions and history all help to make sense of what is trying to be explained. These things also help us to communicate our ideas more effectively with each other.

So, if you need some help getting your head around the basic theological moves of some of the professionals then the rejesus The Bluffers Guide to Christian Theology: Who is Jesus and what did he do? might help. These are a series of podcasts hosted, in discussion format, by two theologians. It’s almost a guarantee that by the end of these podcasts you’ll know more impressive multi-syllable words to use in scrabble games than from any other module on rejesus. Not to mention a rather sound grasp of some of the more academic aspects of biblical interpretation.

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So is it according to one dictionary definition- ” a theorry, system or body of opinion” or another “the study or system of religion”. I prefer something more grounded like sharing faith through words and action. A way of refelecting God, whatever than means, through sharing the best experiences of him through discussion and the inspiration he gives us for living through action. A faith that gets the hands dirty and the mind active- and no ology in sight!

#1. By david Coleman on November 12, 2008




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