Justice for the Pasty!

29/05/12 | Posted by HughB

Hurrah! The Government has seen sense. The price of a pasty is going to be the same whether the baker who cooked it serves it hot straight from the oven or allows it to cool. What a relief! That is front page news!

 The Victorius Pasty

…for some newspapers today at least. In fact, one particular member of the tabloid press has laid claim of this victory firmly at the feet of its readers. I bet they are so proud of themselves. But as one friend of mine has put on a social media website, “I do wish we could have an outrage about something that mattered!”

In a week when men, women and children are being executed by an oppressive regime while the UN seem to watch on powerless and when international bodies appear to be turning a blind eye to overt racism and thuggery, we get excited about adding a few pence to the price of a pasty! But before we take the moral high ground, it is worth thinking about what we expend our energies discussing and arguing about.

When Jesus walked this earth, he seems to have invited people to focus on what really mattered. It wasn’t about following ritual for the sake of it – keeping the Sabbath holy, making sure we were not unclean, etc. It was about loving God and loving others, putting the needs of others before ourselves, being true to who we really are – the big stuff of life.

Yet today, we often tend to concentrate on the pasties of life. My wife recently applied for a job and the form asked her to disclose her marital status, her gender, her ethnicity, her sexuality and her religion. None of those factors would affect how she could do the job but her prospective employer needed to know. And when I consider the ‘hot potatoes’ of church life they also often fit within the pasty category.

Perhaps before we get worked up about an issue, we should have a look in the four gospels and see if Jesus spoke about the subject. And if he didn’t, maybe we need to ask ourselves whether, in the grand scheme of things, it really matters!


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