Obama and Jesus

06/02/11 | Posted by MattPage

It’s been a strangely religious week for President Obama. The man who many on the left thought would be the USA’s messiah has found himself beset with problems, not least that an astonishing 20% of Americans believe he is a Muslim despite his various claims to the contrary.


So this week Obama chose to clarify the issue in an attempt, presumably to end the years of discussion once and for all. Speaking at the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington. Talking about the way his “earliest inspirations for a life of service” was the faith leaders of the Civil Rights movement.

“Their call to fix what was broken in our world, a call rooted in faith, is what led me just a few years out of college to sign up as a community organizer for a group of churches on the Southside of Chicago.  And it was through that experience working with pastors and laypeople trying to heal the wounds of hurting neighborhoods that I came to know Jesus Christ for myself and embrace Him as my lord and savior”.

But whilst Obama has been keen to stress his attachment to Jesus others have seemingly questioned whether the feeling is mutual. Sunday’s American Football Super Bowl has been embroiled in controversy after an advert was banned by broadcaster Fox. The advert, for the site ‘Jesus Hates Obama’, shows a nodding head Obama doll getting stern looks from an angry looking Jesus model before the president falls of his perch and into a bowl of water.

Fox, who are hardly the biggest supporters of the current president, refused to “provide information about the materials that may or may not have been submitted.” But Richard Belfry the owner of ‘Jesus Hates Obama’ says he received an email from Fox’s Vice President for Broadcast Standards and Practices rejecting the ad as"not acceptable to air on FOX.” Belfrey also claims the advert and the site itself are just a joke.

Whilst they are certainly intended humorously, the real question is why anyone who didn’t at least strongly oppose Obama’s administration would want to spend their time selling such provocative merchandise.

Yet it also raises another question: why would anyone trying to stir up hate for the president use a figure who taught his followers to love their enemies?


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It can never be for us to judge another’s salvation but we do have the plumb line of the word of God to help us begin to understand what pleases the Lord. Surely we should be looking at ourselves first and praying for our leaders that they may pass righteous laws rather than bad mouthing them with curses from the pit of hell?

Matt 7v21 Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven

#1. By Dave Paine on February 09, 2011




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