12/01/12 | Posted by Stigweard


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I find these cartoons strangely aggressive…

#1. By SE on January 12, 2012


I once met the cartoonist and he has got a beard. But apart from it is actually rather cuddly.

How do you find them aggressive?

#2. By Bruce on January 12, 2012

I dunno, I always feel like I am or will be in touble if I misundertstood something or if I previous acted in way that fits in the ‘didn’t’ catagory. There’s a somewhat absolutist air to them.

Are you the artist? I once met you and you had a beard!

#3. By SE on January 13, 2012

I still have a beard but no, I’m not that talented. My illustrative skills extend to making animals from squares, triangles and circles. And even on a computer my colouring in goes over the edges.

But, I agree with you that there is a certain punchiness and attitude behind the illustrations. I’m wondering if you could suggest a different tack for the artist to take, perhaps suggest a saying of Jesus’ to tackle next.

#4. By Bruce on January 13, 2012


How about

and a picture of a heart (the cartoon type not the fleshy pump type) filled with all sorts of people.

#5. By SE on January 15, 2012

Hello SE -  thanks for your thoughts!  I openly confess to both a) having a beard, and b) being the artist in question.  As for cuddliness, you’d have to ask my nearest and dearest!

The idea is to take a saying of Jesus (the ‘said’ bit), and then, for a bit of a massively exaggerated contrast (and hopefully some comedy value) take things to the opposite end of the scale and show what he absolutely ‘didn’t’ say. 

If it does get a little bit ranty - well some of these issues are close to my heart - injustice towards others, violence, worry, ecological issues.  But the drawings aren’t intended to point fingers at individuals, or take the moral high ground.  And they’re supposed to be a little bit silly in places too. 

Cheers for saying what’s on your mind - good for me to reflect on it! 


#6. By Stigweard on January 17, 2012

I get it. I like it. I nodded when I got to the last line. thanks! a good reminder.

#7. By Gloria on January 27, 2012




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