Keep Calm

31/03/12 | Posted by Ian Black

One of the images that has captured imaginations at the moment is a World War II poster carrying the simple message 'keep calm and carry on'. The poster was never issued and was only discovered 60 years later by a bookseller in Northumberland in a pile of dusty secondhand books. The poster produced so much interest that when it was reprinted it became an instant hit. It's ironic then that with this slogan everywhere we are in the grip of panic over pasties and petrol. I have a mug which carries a parody of the slogan: 'now panic and freak out', which is looking more accurate.

 Now panic mug

What is really strange is that at the moment there is no fuel delivery strike, there isn’t even one planned.  There has to be 7 days notice and before all that happens everyone whose been queuing at the pumps over the last few days will have refilled their tanks several times over!  It goes to show that otherwise rational, intelligent people can behave in very irrational and frankly foolish ways.  With perfect comic timing along comes April Fools Day.

April Fools Day is a timely reminder that not everything we do makes sense.  We don’t always get things right and can be swayed off course by delusion, trickery and distorted priorities.  April Fools Day this year also falls on Palm Sunday, the day in the Christian year when Jesus embraced the cross by making a triumphal entry into Jerusalem.  He made an impact and set himself on a collision course with those out to get him.  Political strategists would have told him to keep his head down and keep clear.  Self preservation would have told him to only pick a battle he knew he could win.  But his battle was with death itself and for a cause that was even bigger than his own human life.  This foolishness turned out to be wiser than human wisdom and Christians throughout the world will meet again next week to celebrate that on Easter Day.

The day of fools is a day to laugh at our own stupidity sometimes and recalibrate our sense of what is sense and what is not.  The foolishness of the gospel is the self-giving love of Jesus on the cross which leads to the wisdom of the resurrection.  That is our hope.

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