13/08/12 | Posted by HughB

I’m glad to say that the Olympics turned out not to be a “humiliating shambles” but a real joy to watch for so many reasons. Mind you, having seen several matches I still don’t fully understand handball and the judging of synchronised swimming and rhythmic gymnastics completely baffles me. Answers on a postcard to rejesus...

 It’s Complicated


The human race seems to have an innate ability to make matters more complicated than they need to be and that is not just in sports. As a father of a child with special needs I am regularly required to fill in various governmental forms for his support and education. I often find myself wondering whether the documents are made as hard as possible to complete in the hope that some people, who are already stretched by caring for their child, might give up. In fact, life can seem pretty complicated these days as we seek to juggle so many demands on our time, money and other resources. We even feature the words “It’s Complicated” as on option when describing our relationships on social media sites.

Over-complication seems to be one of the things that Jesus condemned the Pharisees for in the way that they took God’s Law and then added numerous subsections to it. You would have thought that the Church would have learnt but sadly, it has shown itself not to be immune to the habit.

Statements of belief found on church websites or recited at church services will often go on for several paragraphs and need a lawyer (or theologian) to explain the fine print. They can often feel mores designed to help you feel that they would not be welcome. Why can’t we be like the early church, who were satisfied simply with three words - “Jesus is Lord!” And when we are invited to become Christians we are often told of the various things we have to do and say. Jesus simply said, “Follow me”.

Somehow, I get the feeling that if Jesus were to invite you to join his social media page, those words “It’s complicated” wouldn’t appear anywhere on it.

Perhaps we need to learn how to keep it simple.

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