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20/04/09 | Posted by Steve Hollinghurst

Traditionally the symbol of St Luke’s Gospel is a bull or ox, and here very much not the ‘bull in a china shop’ but the strong dependable but sometimes immovable creature that is the mainstay of agricultural work in many parts of the world. Those we might call the strong and silent type are in mind here, but how might they reflect Jesus character and what lessons might Jesus have for such people?

 Taurus (traditionally 20th April - 21st May)

In the introduction to this series the elements the Zodiac signs represent are related to Jesus call to us to worship God with all our mind, all our heart, all our spirit and all our strength. The Taurus personality is the one most associated with the strength/earth dimension. Indeed in each case this is true for the animals associated with the gospel writers. People like this are down to earth practical and physical. They also are very loyal and loving and show affection physically with others. Whilst they are not talkative or sparky they can also be very artistic especially if it involves passionate expression in for instance singing or physical expression say in sculpture. Don’t expect these people to be the quick thinkers or leaders but they can always be depended on and they have extraordinary patience and pursue their goals slowly but surely until they are achieved.

One of the accounts that demonstrates these traits best in Jesus is that of his relationship with the family of Lazurus, Martha and Mary in Bethany. He clearly has a close tie with this family and we see him there on several occasions. Though he travels most of the time he would also touch base with these people who were important to him. As practical as he is he knows there are times to stop and reflect so he suggests to Martha when she is busy about the house work that she should in fact have followed the example of her sister who stopped to spend time with Jesus instead of complain she is being lazy. He is comfortable with the physical display of Mary anointing his feet when others would have found it too ‘touchy feely’. The story of Lazurus death shows a number of these personality traits. Firstly his patience when Lazurus is reported sick, and his trust that he is doing the right thing by waiting to go to Bethany. We then see his affection for the family and his friend when he weeps at his graveside, not afraid to show his emotion and love. Yet he knows what he is going to do and will not be deflected from opening the tomb and calling Lazurus to come back to life and come out from the tomb. Mary has been right to place her faith in him and that dependability and affection applies to us in our relationship with him as our spiritual guide and teacher.

Those with the Taurus personality also can show this negatively. Their patient perseverance can become an immovable stubbornness; refusing to change tack when it clearly has to be done and becoming an obstacle to others especially when change is needed. This connects to a weakness of becoming caught up in the pursuit of their own comfort and physical wellbeing that can make them insecure and also over indulgent in physical pleasures as part of a protection of themselves from the world around. These traits are best overcome by developing characteristics that come from the spirit/water area. These enable this personality type to see beyond the things of this world and be inspired by spiritual and heavenly insights. This importantly gets them focused on what they can do for great causes or for others and harnesses their strength to that rather than their own preservation. It is in Jesus determination to go to Jerusalem and face death for the sake of others we see this most at work. One of the connections the Early Church drew between the bull and St. Luke’s Gospel was that of it as a sacrificial animal. Jesus called his followers to live sacrificially, reminding them that those who sought to save their lives would lose them but those who surrendered their life for the sake of God’s Kingdom would find they had in fact received life in all its fullness. This lesson is especially important for the Taurus personality as it grows into the likeness of Jesus in whose image all are made.


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This is TOTAL and utter nonsense, i KNOW that the Methodist Church has slipped badly in the last decades but i can hardly believe that they are now into babylonian ocultic stuff.  If John Wesley was back he would do what Jesus did with the money changers in the Temple he would through them out the people who are promoteing this rubish and them who are allowing this.  These are WOLVES in sheeps clothing who are among us.  We are surely in the last of the last days when we see this new age stuff on a Methodist web site. And we are WARNED in the bible about these ERRORS of MAN.  What an indictment this is to the Methodist Church and the Real BORN again BELIVERS NEED to wake up to these lies…Ken Crozier

#1. By Ken Crozier on January 07, 2010

I Agree…

#2. By John on January 27, 2010

All that the above criticism does is bash the article’s content without laying any of its own presumably sound doctrine. If the article is
“TOTAL and utter nonsense” then please explain why using the scriptures as the foundation of your own argument. If your child asked you what was wrong with the above article would you get a whip out and flog the fear of God into him? Or would you be a meek workman not ashamed but rightly dividing the word of truth? The Bible is very deep and some subjects require more study, caution and patience than others. The study of the stars is one of them. So please, before you knock down a man’s approach to his understanding of Christ do please at least equip yourself with some knowledge on the subject matter so that you dont ignorantly fall into the trap of being occultic in your views, which ironically is the same accusation you levy against the writer! Sheer hypocrisy!

#3. By Isi Abebe on January 28, 2010

...Yea, I actually feel it should be considered…

#4. By John on January 28, 2010

In the introduction to this series the elements the Zodiac signs represent are related to Jesus

This could NOT be further from the truth, what Steve is doing here is associateing Jesus “us” born again believers with astrology/diviniation/fimiliarspirits which are all one and the same. Which the bible clearly teaches against.

Acts 7:43: Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the STAR! of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

2 Kings 23:10: And he defiled Topheth, which is in the valley of the children of Hinnom, that no man might make his son or his daughter to pass through the fire to Molech.
Deut 18:10  

Gal 1:6 -9

It is ANOTHER gospel that is being promoted in this article above, which is NOTHING less that lies from satan and is a PERVERSION of the truth.


#5. By Ken Crozier on January 28, 2010

Ken have you read the introduction? follow the link. and worship of Moloch has no connection to astrology anyway, do some research and read some good biblical commentaries. it is righlty condemned, but for totally other reasons. but read the introduction and tell me if it advocates fortune telling by the stars or in any form.

#6. By steve on January 29, 2010

it might also help to quote the article correctly
‘In the introduction to this series the elements the Zodiac signs represent are related to Jesus call to us to worship God with all our mind, all our heart, all our spirit and all our strength’

#7. By steve on January 29, 2010

fascinating website you’ve linked. thought it well worth a read. and totally agree with the need to have a relationship with God which is what Jesus offers us, not just a view of God but and enciunter with God that can transform us.

#8. By steve on January 29, 2010

it might also help to quote the article correctly

I did at the begining but i had to delete a whole lot more of what i had orignally wrote as it would not post and told me that i can only post 1000 words.  But never the less Steve what i quoted from your article says it all “Zodiac signs represent are related to Jesus” That is new age, babylonian and ocultic.


#9. By Ken Crozier on January 29, 2010

please can JESUS really change me from darkness to light.

#10. By nfor paul on June 19, 2010

nfor paul
Jesus can i beleive change anyone whatever their circumstances, so yes he can and that’s what i’ll be praying for you. May God’s blessing be with you and his light shine upon.

#11. By Steve on June 19, 2010

I hope that Jesus could change the negative traits that i have to the good.

#12. By Jessica Greymoutain on June 30, 2012

for me Jesus transformation of those who recognize their need for that is a promise that we can place faith in - it is a life long process but something God wants to do so we can become the people we were always meant to be - so my prayer for you is very much that God will do that in you by Jesus.

#13. By steve on June 30, 2012




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