Jesus – the Pisces personality

23/02/09 | Posted by Steve Hollinghurst

This personality type is based in the water/spirit area. The Pisces personality is centred around spirituality and intuition often coupled with compassion for others and a willingness to sacrifice themselves for others. Interestingly Pisces has been strongly linked to Jesus by some traditions because of the movement of the earth in relation to the stars that means roughly every two thousand years we move from what could be said to be the age of one star sign to the next.

 Pisces (traditional February 20th – March 20th)

You may have heard talk of us moving into the ‘Age of Aquarius’ toward the end of the 20th Century, 2000 years earlier, around the time of Jesus birth, by the same reasoning we moved into the age of Pisces and this has lead some to see Jesus as the herald of that age. As noted in the introductory pages to Zodiac Jesus, as the one who especially represents God in human form Jesus shows the traits of all personality types, and indeed he is the image of God in humanity for all ages not just one 2000 year period, but it is not hard to find in Jesus the traits of the Pisces personality.

For Jesus self-sacrifice was at the heart of true spirituality, he told his followers that they had to die to self in order to be alive to God, to live as condemned people carrying their crosses if they were to be his disciples. This wasn’t an other-worldly or anti-life statement, rather a realization of how self-interest chains us to a cycle of craving for material possessions and comforts that tends to lock us into a pattern of competition with others that brings out the worst in us as well as keeping us from reaching out for spiritual reality and personal transformation. Christians believe that Jesus own self-sacrificial death somehow broke the power of that selfish and destructive nature in us and allowing that to be true in our own lives is crucial to Christians seeking to become like Jesus.

On another occasion we are told that Jesus looked at the crowds and was filled with compassion for them. To him they seemed like sheep with no shepherd to guide, care for and protect them. This is very much the kind of way the Pisces personality responds to the needs of others. Such people often want to see social transformation and will be drawn to charitable causes and care work as well as the spiritual life.

Sometimes people with this type of personality can demonstrate the old adage ‘to spiritually minded to be any earthly good’. They can be so caught up in their dreams and spiritual senses that they fail to work to make any of their dreams come true. Jesus example is positive here, times of spiritual insight and vision were matched with determined action. If one imagines this tendency as like water that flows without purpose and so is dispersed having no effect one can see it needs to become like a river following a course to reach its target. In this way the practicality of the earth/strength traits are the best for the Pisces personality to nurture in order to grow and become balanced, connecting the spiritual ‘head’ firmly to earth with practical action to enable dreams to become realties.

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I can’t believe I am reading this - personalilty types based on star signs!

No matter how (if) lightly linked to star signs this is seriously misplaced and misleading rubbish.

I shall unlink our parish web site from this until it changes.

#1. By Ian on February 24, 2009


i don’t knw if you read the inroductory pages, there is a lot of psychology that links star signs to personality. we also know many people feel there is ‘something in’ astrology, we feel that this connection can also be made to Jesus and want people exploring star signs to explore how Jesus might be a pattern for their own growth as a person, indeed as oen who can upon up such a path for those willign to follow.

#2. By Steve on February 24, 2009

The (psychology) material you publish does not link star signs to personality in this way. It comments, at most, on an overlap of ideas about personality. This article reads as credence is given to star signs influencing our personality. Where is there serious psychology which does this?

People do not gain freedom and maturity by playing with the chains that bind them but helping them to throw them off.

#3. By Ian on February 24, 2009

the arrticle’s supposed to reflect the introduction which questions stars influencing personailty. many astrologers don’t beleive stars directly influence things either. many medieval christians assumed astrology worked because God was in charge of the movments of the stars and over our lives. most today wouldn’t see God working that way and as the introduction points out the movement of the stars in relation to the earth means they’re no longer in the signs dates. hence the articles are intended to build on the more jungian appraoch also reflected in Myers Briggs tests for instance in which they represent differtent personailty types.  i think it will be itneresting for those who do feel there is something to astorolgy and personality types to explore how Jesus reflects these and offers all of us ways to grow into Christ’s likeness and thus also become more of who each of us were created to be.

#4. By Steve on February 24, 2009

I too am very troubled by having Astrology on this website as my recent attempts to get close to God by reading the Bible indicates that we should not believe astrology as this is a form of ‘alternative belief’.  Astrology does worry me because it means placing your beliefs in a system which is non-christian/biblical. I do wish the bible was a bit clearer on astrology but I have seen it mentioned along sorcery, witchcraft, fortune-telling which obviously places astrology in a category which we should avoid.  Do you agree?

#5. By Paul on February 24, 2009


Do I agree? Yes.

“i think it will be itneresting for those who do feel there is something to astorolgy and personality types to explore how Jesus reflects these”

This feels (and it may not be meant)as if its either patronising them or deceiving such people.. Jesus as the ‘icon of God’ does not ‘reflect’ others - we might find something of our true likeness in him

#6. By ian on February 24, 2009

Ian and Paul
‘we might find something of our true likeness in him’...exactly.
the approach would be decieving if it were not honest about where it is coming from. it is coming from a beleif that when Jung and others have seen archetypal peronality types in the astrological signs they have had a genuine insight, which is why many people find something like that in astrology. Jesus as the ultimate archetype opens up a way of exploring these still further, that i think people will find helpd them in their spiritual journey.

#7. By steve on February 25, 2009

“Jung and others have seen archetypal peronality types in the astrological signs they have had a genuine insight, which is why many people find something like that in astrology”

...and then they read their star sign predictions in the daily rag which are in keeping with this ‘genuine insight’and find furher truth? I don’t think so. You argument ,as they say, is ‘too clever by half’.

#8. By Ian on February 25, 2009

I’m a bit uncomfortable with the astrology myself. I like the tagline (‘Starmaker’s personality’) and I can see that popular culture can be a creative and engaging way of talking about Jesus. It’s also difficult to deny that the three Magi who travelled to Bethlehem when Jesus was born were astrologers.

But that star led to Bethlehem, to Christ. Present-day astrology seems to suggest that your personality and actions are predetermined by your ‘sign’, and that you should put your trust in predictions based on what people born under your sign are supposedly like. I could probably see my personality in all the different star signs if I tried. They can’t tell me who I am. The only real measure of what kind of people we are is how much we love, and unlike our star sign, that should change over time.

#9. By Vicky on February 26, 2009

so are we then saying that astrology is ‘alternative faith’ and that we should not be using it as a means to see who we are and how compatible we are with other star signs.  For example I became very disheartened when I read into compatibility lately and found that I am NOT supposed to get on with my wife.  I am supposed to be a fickle character and I can quite honestly tell you that I am not.  I do worry as it seems that many people do bring religion and astrology under the same umbrella.  For example I e-mailed Christine Caine (famous evangelical Christian) about astrology and this is the reply that I got:-  see next post

#10. By Paul on February 26, 2009

anymore like this then I won’t be revisiting rejesus.  Am appauled and cannot believe a Christian website using star signs after EVERY THING we are told about the evil of it all.  AM very appauled….
Jesus loves Everyone for who they are and it doesn’t matter which month of the year they were born for certain attributes.  its appauling this piece and this site has gone very down hill. am very dissappointed in all concerned allowing this article to be printed.

#11. By ann on February 26, 2009

the main problem i have with the above comment is they bear little relation to the content of these pages. if these posts were claiming that the stars governed your personality and suggesting that reading your newspaper horroscope was the best way to find guidance i would agree with them. but these pages are pretty much saying the opposite. i would add that those who take astrology seriously also would agree with all the cristicisms posted here about newspaper astrology. i think they deserve a conversation and i think there is a good case to show that by exploring growth of personality through Jesus they will find something positive. just like the wise men?

#12. By steve on February 27, 2009

the stars impel but do not compel; we are not indicated through character only by our sun sign, compatibility with others has more to do with the personal planets, mercury venus and mars, and especially the moon [mind/soul/emotions/mother] in relating to others. do not forget we are all carbon based, made from ashes of stardust where all the chemicals that we are made of come from; open your mind everything can be included so long as it is GOOD

#13. By sandra on March 04, 2009

aware that in astrology a birth chart rather than just a sun sign would be used. i do though find interesting the descrepancy between a contemporary birth chart and tradional poritions of the signs in the heavens (see the introduction) which suggests to me a more jungian approach based on archetypes rather than planetary relations. what do you think?

#14. By Steve on March 05, 2009

Steve - I love this - another welcome tool to use with people searching genuinely for God on different paths. There’s a line in The Shack that goes something like ‘Not all roads lead to God, but He will meet anyone genuinely searching for him on whatever path they happen to be on.’ I’ve met people into astrology to whom Jesus has revealed himself in dreams as the one who created the heavens - your approach looks to me to be very much in the same spirit. While Christians wouldn’t substitute astrology for God, there can be a lot of panic around this area. It’s interesting to reflect that Daniel wasn’t fazed by being schooled in the esoteric arts (more by the rich diet), but stood out from his peers because his relationship with God was evidently more powerful and effective than any of them…

#15. By Liz Ray on March 08, 2009

thanks for your comments. i think the example of daniel is really interesting. he was used in the babylonian court in very much the role of the astrologer in the nation that almost certianly did a great deal to create that art. we don’t see him refusing that role, but we see him instead transforming it through the inspiration of God’s spirit.

#16. By steve on March 08, 2009

Steve, have you read anything about the Mazzaroth?  The idea that the Babylonian system of astrology that has come down to us in our newspapers was actually derived from the Hebrew constellations which, rather than being about personalities and stars etc, actually told the story of redemption in the stars, of the Virgin being with child and birthing a saviour, etc etc.  Absolutely inspiring stuff.

#17. By Sue on March 10, 2009

an interesting idea, not familiar with the Mazzaroth. i will follow that up. OK what you have suggested immediately raises some intersting issues about dating and interpretation, the Mazzaroth system has to be older than most of the hebrew scriptures for that to work and yet would also have a very christian understanding?

#18. By steve on March 17, 2009

It’s wild when you look into it, Steve.  I read a book about it that was written in the late 1800s called “The Witness of the Stars” by EW Bullinger.  Basically the idea - and I don’t know how much absolute evidence there is for this but it’s worth following up - is that Adam was given the Mazzaroth by God at the very beginning, the names of each of the constellations that tell the story of redemption from the very start.  Which sounds like a God sort of thing to do smile  There is only one reference to it in the Bible, and I can’t even remember where that is.  But basically all of the constellations tell the story from start to finish, VIrgo being the Virgin, Leo being the Lion of the tribe of Judah, etc etc all the way down.  And it fits and it’s very very beautiful.  I do recommend you look further if you’re interested.  It’s a mind-blowing concept that’s for sure smile

#19. By Sue on March 18, 2009

thanks you very mach

#20. By Astroloji on April 10, 2009

Liz - there is only one path to God (the Father) - and that is Jesus and he loves you.

I genuinely cannot believe this site’s endorsement of there being any kind of merit for a Christian in astrology - which is exactly what this post and the others in the series are doing:

Isaiah 47:13-14 is explicitly clear about God’s view of astrology.

Not convinced? In Acts 16 a little girl is possessed and reads fortunes. Paul rebukes the evil spirit and commands it (in the name of Jesus) to leave her.

Still not convinced? Liz mentions Daniel. In the book of Daniel, God does not allow the astrologers to interpret the king’s dream, but reveals the truth to Daniel. You see, revelation comes from God - not from the stars.

I am disappointed that this site has attempted to brake down the personality of Jesus, the son of God, into the 12 star signs… [cont below]

#21. By Jonny on April 16, 2009

Jesus is fully man and fully God. He is not confined by human understanding of personalities or the thoughts of psychologists and astrologers. If we want to know Jesus, we read the Bible, pick up our cross and we follow him. Through a relationship with Him he reveals more and more of himself to us (but never in a way that is contrary to scripture.

I too, personally liked the picture of “Jesus - Meek & Mild, as if!”

I don’t agree with the image of Jesus in a nappy, with birds sitting on his arms and singing sweetly. Yes Jesus is loving and gracious and kind, but in Revelation He is coming back, riding on the clouds to judge the world an all authority has been given to Him… [cont below]

#22. By Jonny on April 16, 2009


He’s not soft, but he’s not a libra, cancer, or a scorpio. He is God and you need to think very carefully about this series of blogs.

I don’t rebuke you in haste or bitterness or arrogance. I post this in love. You have an excellent opportunity with “rejesus” to spread the gospel and to positively impact thousands of lives, by the grace of God. But with such potentially damaging articles like this, which can lead to people accepting and embracing astrology, you walk down a dangerous and sinful road.

I do hope that you take my words on board and that you think and pray about this.

Your brother in Christ

#23. By Jonny on April 16, 2009

thanks for your comments. some brief response? firstly if you haven’t done so do read the introduction which explores a number of the points you raise. the bilical quotes you use are all about fortune telling. with Isaiah 47 i don’t think Astrology can foretell the future, neither BTW do most professional astrologers i know. i know many people outside christian faith who use astological signs as a ways of exploring their peronality and hoping to grow as a person. i find exploring how Jesus can offer us both an example and thorugh him a way to grow into wholeness as these posts do offers them unexpected insights into themselves and Christian faith. as i beleive we are made in his image Jesus is not explained by any human personailty type, rather the other way round, as the posts and introduction make clear.

#24. By Steve on April 16, 2009


Thanks for the response.

Yes, I did read the introduction.

The biblical passages I referenced deal with a number of occult practices such as witchcraft, magicians and astrologers. Yes, some directly link astrology with divination and some, however, do seem content with simply addressing them as astrologers or those who watch the stars without a direct link with fortune telling.

Here is the thing:

Whether or not you personally believe that astrology cannot foretell the future is obviously pertinent in your personal walk with Christ, but when you are posting a blog, it isn’t just your personal belief which matters, it is the message that you deliberately or inadvertently send out that is of particular importance, because it can have a profound affect on the reader.
[cont below]...

#25. By Jonny on April 16, 2009

[cont] You say that most of the astrologers you know don’t believe that astrology is inherent with divination. As far as this series of blogs is concerned, this statement is, I’m afraid irrelevant.

By definition, astrology (or to correctly name it: Judicial Astrology) is an occult practice based of the movements and positions of celestial bodies and their influence on human affairs and behaviour.

Not only is this the correct definition (numerous sources could be cited including the OED), it is, due to media exposure and interpretation, I believe the first definition that the majority of the public would give. It is on this that many of my concerns fall. You are linking Jesus with astrology and in the way that you have portrayed it; you are directly promoting some of the benefits and “positive traits” of the astrologers’ understanding of human behaviour and personality.
[cont below]

#26. By Jonny on April 16, 2009

[cont] The bible is irrefutably clear that astrology and other occult practices are sinful. Surely you must see the danger in drawing comparison and linking Jesus’ behaviour with astrological signs and their perceived traits?

In your response to me you say that “Jesus is not explained by any human personality type, rather the other way round”, yet in your introduction you said that we can “speak of Jesus as possessing the best traits” of each star sign’s personality types. Your wording here implies that Jesus merely ‘possesses’ these good traits, rather than being the author of them.

You say that you “know many people outside [the] Christian faith who use astrological signs as a way of exploring their personality and hoping to grow as a person”. What concerns me is that you do not overtly state that this is sinful or that this is the wrong path to truth.
[cont below]

#27. By Jonny on April 16, 2009

[cont] You do speak about “exploring Jesus” but do not say that He is the only way to the Father. We were made for a purpose and that purpose is the glorification and worship of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The overall impression of your blog is that, astrology can be acceptable practice with the Christian faith. I sincerely hope that this is not your intention or belief, because if so, I’d be concerned that it is heresy.

My great hope is that this is a misunderstanding and that your good intentions for the blog have simply not been communicated well and that you have not had appropriate counsel. Simply speaking, whatever point you were trying to make has been lost. When drawing any kind of comparison or link between Christianity and Astrology, (which to be honest, I do not think is something you should do), you should have begun with clearly defining astrology and that the Biblical position on it is that it is sinful.
[cont below]

#28. By Jonny on April 16, 2009

You should have stated that truth comes from God and that he commands us not to look to the stars for answers but to Jesus, who is the Word and is the author of the gospel. You should have stated that it is the Holy Spirit, who dwells in the believer, who enables us to see what is good and evil and it is the Holy Spirit who shapes and sanctifies the personality and behaviour of the believer so that they do not conform to the patterns of the world, or of the traits of the stars, but that they become more Christ-like.

I find that your series on “Zodiac Jesus” is muddled, confused, doctrinally unsound and, most importantly, dangerous to the believer and non-believer alike. You do not present the gospel message as laid out in scripture and it is my hope that you will not only discontinue this ill-advised series but that you remove the posts which already exist on the site.

#29. By Jonny on April 16, 2009

further brief response. firstly i accept many people do think of astrology as fortunetelling, it is clear from this blog that is not in view and a bit of research would show it so elsewhere. however i think it always sensible to engage with other beliefs seriously whatever they are and therfore engage with correct understandings put forward by astrologers on which the OED is hardly an authority. people have many popular beleifs about christianity, that doesn’t make them correct. (continued below)

#30. By Steve on April 16, 2009

i understand your approach to astrology. it puts those exploring off Christianity. people exploring astrology as a means of personal growth are open to the spiritual and share much with Christians even if they have different understandings of the way the universe works and how spiritual growth is best achieved. by respecting their beleifs even if i don’t share them exploration of the Chrsitian faith is opened up instead.  i think my approach is that in the gospels and the book of acts from jesus, Peter and Paul in their aproach to people of other faiths and beleif systems. your example from acts only occurs after the girl has (correctly) prophesied about Paul for several days and he wants to end the side show. we do not see him routinely treating people who were diviners etc that way. so for instance in acts 19 Paul isn’t convicted of speaking against the cult of Artemis (goddess of magic amongst other things) because he clealry has never done so. i think his example a good one.

#31. By steve on April 16, 2009

Speaking of ending the slideshow, I’d like to suggest that any further dialogue about the rationale for these blog posts carries on, by Steve’s invitation, on his own blog which is linked to from the introduction to this series.

#32. By Bruce on April 17, 2009

Hi Bruce,

I feel that you are correct and this will indeed be my last post.

Steve, in addition to your article, a number of things gravely concern me. Also - I was not solely referring to the OED’s definition. Pretty much every definition I checked stated that Astrology was inherently linked with Divination.

More concerning is some of your statements such as
“people exploring astrology as a means of personal growth are open to the spiritual and share much with Christians even if they have different understandings of the way the universe works and how spiritual growth is best achieved”

Firstly, there is a huge difference in “being open to the spiritual” and being open to the work of the Holy Spirit. A satanic worshiper, for example, is “open to the spiritual” but is clearly an enemy of the gospel.
[cont below]

#33. By Jonny on April 17, 2009

With regards to how “spiritual growth is ‘best achieved’”. Godly spiritual growth is ONLY achieved by the gracious, loving and sanctificational work of the Holy Spirit.

Of more concern is how you suggest that because the girl prophesied correctly, via the “spirit of divination”, then it is actually a good thing. This is not the case (proven by the fact that Paul rebukes and casts out the spirit). Scripture explains that examples of signs and wonders are not to be counted as the primary evidence for something being Godly. False prophets and evil spirits can produce evidence of the miraculous.

This will be my final post. I’m disappointed that this content has been allowed on rejesus. I hope that in the coming days you will think upon what I have said and take action.

I suggest that you check out this article by Dr. John Piper: - I hope you approach it with an open mind and a willing heart towards correction.

God bless

#34. By Jonny on April 17, 2009

i appreciate we are finishing the conversation here, so will say little. please do carry on talking on my blog, and i will read the article you post. i think Balaam in numbers shows us people of all sorts of beleifs can find God’s Spirit at work in them. as that case shows this can be quite against their beleifs. asuming that people are not followers of Christ means God’s Spirit is not at work in them is erroneous, but also asuming that because God’s Spitit is at work in someone proves they serve God is equally mistaken. that i think means i don’t judge correct prophesy as proof of goodness. or non-christian belief proof of emnity to God. i beleive all will find in Jesus a path to life, but many will find this is actually what they have encountered already in orher paths, and so find it a fullfilment of that path.

#35. By steve on April 19, 2009

Steve - I’ve got to say, I’m stunned by the things you are saying. Jonny has pretty much hit the nail on the head. I don’t know if it’s deliberate, but you seem to be skirting around serious issues without stating your position clearly. Jonny didn’t say that people who are not believers can’t have God’s spirit work in them - so why are you saying that would be an error. What he said (correctly) was that God works only through the Holy Spirit and not other evil spirits.
You clearly misunderstand this cos you mention Balaam. I’m with Jonny in that you gave the impression that the girl prophesying in Acts was doing a good thing due to being correct. Is that what you believe?
Balaam was a diviner, and God thru the Holy Spirit did indeed speak to him. Does this mean that Balaam was right to seek the spiritual in his rituals and worship of a false god? Does it mean that it was a right and good way to search for the spiritual? Absolutely not and scripture is abudently clear on it!

#36. By Si on April 20, 2009

In fact, the Angel of the Lord says “your way is perverse to me”. The Angel goes on to say that he should speak “only the words that I tell you”.
The story of Balaam shows us that even through wickedness and wrong doing, God can work all things for the good of those who believe in him. In this case, the curses that Balaam is charged to bring on the people of Israel, God produces blessings.
I can’t speak for Jonny & Ian, only I think they have the same concerns as me about your Zodiac Jesus series…
It’s great to say that you hope that Astrologers, as they search in for answers and hope in the stars, will instead experience God revealing Himself to them as the author of creation and as their God and Saviour. I have no problem with that. However, from the conviction of recognising Jesus as Lord at the point of conversion comes repentence for our sinful lives. I was quite into astrology and horoscopes before I became a Christian and I repented of that and turned away from it.

#37. By Si on April 20, 2009

{cont}This is the problem I think we all have with what you are saying. You seem reluctant to say that astrology is sinful. I’m not saying that when you meet a non-believer who is into astrology that you should yell “SINNER!!” at them! Absolutely not! Believers should be sensitive and gracious and loving and, yes, respectful. However, they should also hold fast to biblical truths and, I’m sorry, but astrology, even by your very vague definition, is sinful. Christians should not be drawn to it and they should not practice it. Yes, they should witness to astrologers just as they should witness to everyone of every belief and in every nation. I’m not saying we should take an Anglo version of Christianity to them. We should engage them in a culturally relevant way, but one that is in keeping with scripture – and I’m afraid that this series of blogs simply does not do that. {cont below}

#38. By Si on April 20, 2009

i thought this line above was clear
‘asuming that people are not followers of Christ means God’s Spirit is not at work in them is erroneous, but also asuming that because God’s Spitit is at work in someone proves they serve God is equally mistaken. that i think means i don’t judge correct prophesy as proof of goodness. or non-christian belief proof of emnity to God’
so the fact that the slave girl divined correctly or the fact God spoke through Balaam is in neither case proof they served God.
i said what i did because i think jonny (and you) fear i am doing the former, my fear is that Jonny was doing the latter.

#39. By steve on April 20, 2009

{cont} I’m a believer of Jesus & used to believe in astrology. Yet, from carefully reading your introduction & the instalments in the series and ur own blog, I still have no idea whether or not you believe astrology to be sinful. I desperately hope that you do, cos if not, you are at odds with scripture. Jonny & Ian were right to be concerned and were right to say that you should have clearly defined your position.

The general impression (and I truly hope it is accidently) that you give is that you think:
God can speak to astrologers, diviners and believers of other faiths (which of course is true) AND He can even use people who aren’t Christians (which is true – we know that God built up Pharaoh to his position). However, then you cross into dodgy ground. You give the impression that because God can speak to those involved in occult practices and because God can turn their deeds for good, that this means that their practices aren’t sinful. {cont below}

#40. By Si on April 20, 2009

{cont}It’s great that even in the midst of astrology, God will reach people, but that doesn’t mean that they were right to be involved in it. You don’t appear to have a problem with a Christian being involved in astrology -and I don’t mean working with astrologers to spread the gospel – I mean that you suggest Christians can learn from astrology and can get some good out of it. {cont below}

#41. By Si on April 20, 2009

{cont}Hopefully these are misunderstandings, but even if they are misunderstandings, it isn’t because (as you keep suggesting), people aren’t reading the introduction or researching the site. It’s cos you’ve been reckless in your presentation & topic choice. Hopefully you’ll clarify whether you believe astrology is sinful. I don’t ask for clarification because I want to know if it is sinful or not, (cos the bible is astonishingly clear on it), I want to know cos I’ve removed all links from my blog to ReJesus.  I hope it’s a misunderstanding & can be rectified soon so that Rejesus can focus on Jesus (who is available to all, but on His terms)instead of blurring him and placing the symbol of Pisces into focus as in the picture above.

#42. By Si on April 20, 2009

these posts are intended to open a conversation with people already exploring astrology. a number of the comments you make above might then suggest you ought to be supporting these posts?

#43. By Steve on April 20, 2009

Are they? - because that isn’t remotely clear.

Are you trying to direct those involved in astroloy towards Jesus or those who follow Jesus towards astrology? I suspect, of course, the former - which I hope is true, but to be honest, you are not clear one way or the other!

How can you expect us to support your posts when there are such huge concerns about your standings on major fundamental doctrines?

I note that there were questions in my comments seeking clarification which you have not answered.

If it were clear that your intention was to show those exploring astrology that Jesus is the way to the Father and not astrology, then perhaps you’d have found a more supporting audience.

#44. By Si on April 20, 2009

Si i think i am as clear as i need to be, Indeed i think very very carefully indeed about everythign i say. the reality of the internet is that everything you say is open to be read by all. which means one has to say what anyone can read and e ahppy for that to be so. i think many of the complaints offered don’t get this. i think i know exactly waht i am doing. I’m sorry that you and others don’t agree

#45. By steve on April 20, 2009

But Steve, you are not being clear.

Evidence of this is that whilst you have had several complaints around a number of issues, they essential spring up from the same major issue - whether or not you believe astrology to be sinful.

Surely you understand that by posting a blog with such astrology-based content, it is necessary for you to explain your position on the subject. Do you consider astrology to be sinful?

#46. By Si on April 20, 2009

i have explained my position on the subject thoroughly. i know i have not done so in the language you have chosen, but i think i have made the right descision. i am not at all suprised by the response you and others have given. Paul quoted poetry in praise of Zeus to talk about Jesus, i suspect he got a similar response from some other christians. all i can do is ask you to read everything again. you will not find a direct answer to your question because i think it is the wrong question. you will i think find quite clearly my approach to talking to people exploring astrology as someone inviting them to find what i beleieve they will find is a deeper exploration in Jesus.

#47. By steve on April 20, 2009

Steve, I think you are on the right lines and I support what you say. Many people find God in different ways. I’m told that Muslims in Africa often dream about Jesus although they know nothing of him. Also the context of this part of the site and blog is about is leading stray searchers to know God through Jesus. Those strays are probably already believers in astrology and many other things we may not want to know. We must meet them where they are. Well done!

#48. By Paul on May 01, 2009

Just for those who are interested in how the stars relate to mankind… It’s a follow up to the comment above re EW Bullinger’s The Witness of the Stars which I’ll have to now go and read.

We’re currently reading through a couple of Christian based books on the subject of stars and their relation to humankind:

Seiss - The Gospel in the Stars
Gitt - Stars and Their Purpose.

We also are interested in the Mazzaroth - Chuck Missler has a lot to say regarding this topic.

All extremely interesting stuff and makes you realise that maybe the Psalmist in Psalm 19 was talking on a much deeper level than we usually take for granted. Maybe there is something in these few books that can be used in relation to getting alongside and reaching out to those involved in astrology.


#49. By Matt on May 14, 2009


thanks for the comments. the wole creation speaks of and praises God, and the whole creation is held together in Jesus in a way beyond human understanding, as something mystical that we can only egin to grasp at. the challenge for us is to be inspired by the Spirit that breathes through all things and give life to hear and see the divine presence in all reality, and do so truly. i think this is a real call to discernment and a call to discover connections that can open up ways for us ad other to go deeper with God

#50. By steve on May 21, 2009

i do not understand why my first comments were removed the zodaic did originate in babylon and is pagan in orign . i understand that it is becoming more popular to have interfaith ideas the World Council of Churches even speaks with african traditional religions which are the occult, were they have devil worship, this i know personally as i work in sierra leone so it does not supprise me that astrology is being asimulated into the church it may not be done delibratly but it is happening .and we must stop it now.

#51. By fred parkinson on January 06, 2010

Very well said Fred may God bless you for standing up for the TRUTH.

2 Pet 2:1: But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.
2: And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.
3: And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.
4: For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment;

These are “damnable heresies” that are being brought in here by whoever (wolves in sheeps clothing) this is eastern mysticism (Occult)(babylonian) very very dangerous teaching out of the pit of hell itself.

#52. By Ken Crozier on January 07, 2010

Don’t worry ya’ll who are being persecuted for your work. If they who throw stones knew that a perfect man gives offence in nothing and the reward of Christ . They would not throw stones. Christ shall come to give every man according to there work shall be. All things were made for God and His pleasure.

#53. By chris ellsworth on August 02, 2010

Jesus himself makes references to Astrology in the bible, it was widely believed as fact at that point in history. It’s not witchcraft or sourcery or anything dark and spooky. Astrology (NOT the disgusting horoscopes written in the newspaper) is a perfect science and I take it as another miracle of God’s

#54. By Anonymous on March 13, 2011

hi anonymous
Astrology was certinaly seen as a science for many centuries, indeed people like Isaac Newton bleived it t be so. i’m not sure i can see that way myself now, though as this thread shows i do beleive those who divised it had some insights into human personality. but you say Jesus references astrology in the bible? i can’t think of anywhere that happens but you may see something i don’t so i’d be really interested to hear where that is.
God’s creaion is indeed amazing and points us to God who the whole of creaion praises, stars are definately part of that praise

#55. By Steve on March 13, 2011

I think Anonymous is mistaking astrology for astronomy which is a science following the Scientific Method. The Bible has tons of astronomical information in it.

#56. By Matt Arnold on March 13, 2011

you may indeed by right Matt. and of course the christmas story series on last december made an intriguing case for the star at Jesus birth being a planteray conjunction. so an astronomical event however one interprets it.

#57. By steve on March 13, 2011

Ive pondered on this concept as well and have come up with more interesting relationships between the pisces sign and jesus… pisces sympol was the fish
the fish has been symbolized to represent jesus or christianity especially on cars lol
Pisces represents the hands and feet of the grand cosmic man in astrology… just so happens jesus was crucified by his hands and feet..
pisces element is water
jesus has had pictures of himeself walking on water
of course the personality traits are very similar
Also on other note….
Aries the astrological sign
is in many ways related to the Devil in christian religion.. by have the symbol of the ram and the personality traits are once again similar plus aries element if Fire… the devil has been associated with fire many times in christian beliefs

#58. By Josh on May 24, 2011

Josh - interesting ideas - the walking on water in the bible comes from old testament imagery of God’s battle with the Chaos monster Leviathan, a seven headed dragon that lived in the sea - God is talked of as trampling the heads of the sea serpent. this serpent became the Christian devil in revelation. walking on water is about Jesus power over evil.

#59. By steve on May 24, 2011

Interesting that many early Christian churches are decorated with astrology symbols.

#60. By Opal on June 07, 2011

Opal yes there were some Christian churches with such symbols as well as Synagogues - i think many of them used them as a recognized symbol of the heavens and the idea was God as God of all the heavens - but truth is i only now a bit about these early examples need to explore more before suggesting hard and fast conclusions!

#61. By steve on June 10, 2011

There is growing scientific evidence that gases present in the atmosphere at different times of the year influence the personalites of unborn babies, so like many things in life, there could well be some truth in zodiac types, at however a basic level.Popular astrology is used by many as what might be called entry level personal growth/seeking after some type of truth. Look at that wonderful piece elsewhere quoted by C.S. Lewis - that pagan and Christians share more than people who believe in nothing - its a good start. To bang on about this being the work of the devil is just the sort of narrow view that has given Christianity (or any religion or spirituality) a bad press over the centuries.

#62. By Trisha on July 25, 2011

Trisha - i have certainly seen a scientific study liking such to sun activity and place of birth according to season and hemisphere - so yes it could be that personalities have a seasonal element in this way. certainly Jung thought they were onto something with the personality types int eh Zodiac. if this is true the procession of the equinoxes (see first post) means this effect can;t be connected to the star constellations - which would mean that by not following there movement the western tradition had it closer. yes very much with you on the closeness of Pagan and Christian in many areas - this was the basis for a Celtic Church - this would still see Christ as essential for each personality to become fully who they where meant to be from a christian perspective but one in which Jesus built on rather than abolished much of early Paganism as i think people like st Paul did too.

#63. By steve on July 25, 2011

Growing up in a small village this connection between church and paganism still existed to some degree. The C of E school attached to the church had us reciting the catechism daily. The Steiner trained head teacher was very liberal, we had many lessons outside in the fields where we learnt to see God in Nature and ourselves as part of that Nature. A dear friend, a devoted Baptist, thinks this is terrible- God controls Nature and astrology is wicked.  She also believes that meditation is foreign and inward looking - not directed towards God. Another close friend conducts Humanist weddings and funerals. She proports to have no beliefs; ironically her father is a vicar. Both friends are two of the most loving souls I know. I do have deep spiritual beliefs, but can see God in many places, different religions and none.  A diamond has many facets, each is only a part of the whole - maybe we don’t see the that until the other side.

#64. By Trisha on July 25, 2011

Trisha thank you for the reply yes i think many people can be to closed to things outside their own tradition - and of course there are christian mystical traditions that sadly people often don’t know about and so they see such as alien to Christianity - you might be interested in this site I and some others are working on
seeking to make those connections & explore the divine in nature
i find the diamond analogy fascinating - yes all religions windows onto God - perhaps each a colour in the spectrum - but can anyone fully grasp the light through the surfaces or only the reflection? As a human being i doubt i can fully comprehend the light - st Paul talked about us seeing in a glass darkly on this side - i guess i see the light in Jesus as light of the world - but even if that is true it doesn’t mean i or Christians have fully understood the light we are still learning what God has to offer - but i follow Jesus because i think he can be the way.

#65. By steve on July 25, 2011

I believe Jesus can be the way,but not the only way. So I suppose this makes me a non Christian, although I try to live by his example as far as I can. I believe that he understand great truths, as many great spiritual leaders have, perhaps intutitively. If God exists, He or She is everything, all religions, all people, all of Nature, all of human nature -everything -by definition. Personally, I believe that this was what Jesus was saying - we are all sons and daughters of God.

#66. By Trisha on July 26, 2011

Trisha being a Christian is about following Jesus and allowing God’s spirit to transform you into a person who can live by his example - having the doctrine all sorted is very secondary. yes God and yes he or she or somehow the source of both - but then God is bigger than our categories - must be in and surrounding all things. yes we are all sons and daughters of God - the issue i think is about us becoming fully what we are and for me Jesus is the way to that.

#67. By steve on July 26, 2011

I found this all really interesting, and the debate good.  Some words to all concerned though.  I personally don’t feel that Astrology is “sinful”.  It may well be that the stars can tell us things about events and personalities.  It may well not be.  The point for Christians that I gain from the Bible is that regardless of whether astrology has any truth in it at all or not, our trust should be in the Creator and not the created.  The book “The Bible as History” gives a fascinating insight into how ancient near-eastern astrology led the Magi to search for Jesus.  However, that is not to say that God intended those signs to be interpreted that way for all time or in the first place when Creation was kick-started - it could have been a happy coincidence between human systems and God’s purpose.


#68. By Anton on March 09, 2012

The theological point of the episode should be what is most important to us - astrologers presenting gifts to Jesus that confirmed his nature and signifying the replacement of their pagan systems with the true self-revelation of God.
I’d also say that, although i accept it isn’t necessarily the place for such detailed debate, the intro and other comments that mention the age of Pisces and age of Aquarius need to be very careful as people need to be made aware that these are arguments used by Acharya S and her ilk to try and prove that Christianity is dressed-up pagan Sun worship, in their attempts to deny the truth of Christ.
Finally, I’m a Pisces, and did actually find it useful to consider myself in terms of the personality traits mentioned here and how as a Christian I should act on them.  In that respect, it matters little that I don’t follow astrology - what’s presented here has helped me somewhat, so thanks!

#69. By Anton Baker on March 09, 2012

I’m also troubled by this site’s perhaps unintentional endorsement of astrology.
Just because ‘wise men/astrologers or maybe just astronomers??’ followed a star to Jesus doesn’t mean God endorses astrology.
A distinction which an unbeliever would not be able to make. God saves people out of different backgrounds and pursuits doesn’t mean he always approves of them. Why link astrology to the truth about Jesus at all? It’s a forced and unnatural connection and unscriptural.
The main point is that people use astrology as a means of determining the future and getting guidance apart from God, He is our source of knowledge, guidance and direction. This article is misleading and a stumbling block at best.

#70. By Dan F on May 09, 2012

Dan, I don’t believe there is any real endorsement of astrology here, its an outmoded metaphysical model, but we need to acknowledge at least a sincere searching for the truths of life,  however fundamental, hidden at its core.  Astrology was an attempt to understand human nature, Gods nature and the earths mysteries and find some order, surely you can understand that?  During Jesus’s discussions outside the temple, as I understand it, he would have met and talked openly with people from many different backgrounds, the greeks in particular, and all sorts of ideas and philosophies. Lively iscussions and challenging ideas, are still considered an important part of Jewish religious practice in this way.

#71. By Trisha on May 09, 2012

I knew he was a Piscean! Ive been studying astrology and thought the Pisces personality sounded much like Jesus. I mean, he’s THE martyr. I googled “Was Jesus a Pisces” to see what would come up and tbis answer is everwhere!
So now its the age of Aquarius, and we know that Jesus was a mortal with a zodiac just like us. He may have returned from the highest of all relams which he undoubtedly reached after numerous reincarnations, but he was still a person. No need to worship him.

#72. By Bobbi on October 18, 2013

Matt 1:20 But while he thought on these things, behold, the angel of the LORD appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, fear not to take unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Ghost.

Matt 1:21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.

Matt 1:22 Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying,

Matt 1:23 Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us

#73. By Ken on October 18, 2013

many people have as you have found identified Jesus as especially Piscean - i am not sure we can really do that - OK no one knows when he was born - though we can be fairly sure it wasn’t December 25th. but nothing would suggest March either. the idea comes more from seeing Jesus as the one who arrives at the start of the age of Pisces.  but none of that tells us who Jesus is or that he was mortal like everyone else - this is all of course a matter of our own belief - but the reason i feel that in Jesus one can see all of the personality types at their best is that he is in divine terms the one all personalities stem from, the one in whose image we all are made.  and so as i see it Jesus is no more Piscean than Aquarian and no less so either.

#74. By steve on October 20, 2013

If God created all then presumably he created all the stars in the Universe.He made his presence known to others, Moses, Abraham, long before Jesus came into being.I think, we humans are being too ‘pretentious’ by asserting that we ‘know’ everything and second guess ‘God’s’ intentions and will. Maybe the skies are intended to be a way of communicating with us?  Who knows? The bible, as we know it, was not written until the time of James 1st. Can we be sure the information therein is totally true and accurate? Are we being presumptious in believing we are meant to know everything?

#75. By Valerie on June 02, 2015

thanks for your comments.  firstly the bible would agree with you that God communicates to us through the natural world and indeed long before Jesus walked this earth. i would share that view too. equally i think it important too that we realize the limitations of our own understanding, none of us can fully know the mind of God as you say. that view too is expressed int he bible - so i don’t think anything you have said is in conflict with the bible. for the reason that we don’t understand fully people don’t always agree on what the bible says, so it may well be that some people would disagree with your view, but that doesn’t mean they have a right interpretation as you rightly say.
further comments below

#76. By Steve on June 03, 2015

where i do need to suggest you are mistaken is in your statement that the bible as we know it was not written until the time of James the 1st. the bible as we know it was probably complete by about 100AD and we have partial manuscripts from that time and full ones from not much later. these are written in ancient Greek. because many people can’t read that language it has been over the centuries translated into other languages. in Europe this was first a Latin translation known as the vulgate. in the 15th Century it began being translated into English and the King James version is simply one of those English translations. because it became the official translation of the church of England it has been widely read but it is only one of many translations of the much older original, and there have been many more since, all using the original Greek texts.

#77. By Steve on June 03, 2015

Hmmmm seems like folks are mad because the article is in reference to Jesus and Pisces not THEIR sign lol 🤔😜😎👼🏼

#78. By Pisces1985 on September 16, 2016




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