Jesus – the Aries personality

14/04/09 | Posted by Steve Hollinghurst

A couple of years ago an Easter poster portrayed Jesus, copying the classic image, as Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara with the tag line ‘meek and mild - as if’ (see it here). It caused some controversy. Yet the one who told people to ‘turn the other cheek’ was not a push over, he had the traits of the Aries personality often associated with the ‘warrior-leader’. He also points towards how such people can ensure those traits do not descend into mindless violence.

 Aries (traditionally 21st March – 19th April)

This personality type is centred in the Fire/Emotion area very firmly and could best be described as ‘fiery’. They live in the now and intend to make things happen quickly and decisively. They will be leaders at times of action, and will take on this task with strength and in an innovative and pioneering way. For this reason it is a classic personality type associated with military leaders.

Thinking of Jesus as having the traits of a military leader may seem strange. It certainly doesn’t fit those images we sometimes see of him looking willowy and doe-eyed. Sometimes our images of Jesus need correcting. As the introduction to this series points out humans are made in Jesus image so he has within him the traits of all personality types, the Aries personality being no exception.

In line with the Aries personality Jesus knew there were occasions when action was required and could take action quickly when needed on the spur of the moment.  The story that illustrates this best was when Jesus entered the outer courts of the Jerusalem temple and found they where full of people selling small animals for the sacrifices required by ordinary Jews as part of the religious rituals required of them at the time. This also required a large money changing business as the temple had its own currency that was needed for these purchases. In the original inspiration of the Temple’s structure this area was supposed to be the place non-Jews could come and pray, yet instead it was turned into a marketplace.  In Jesus’ eyes not only was this abusing the focus of the temple it was also excluding non-Jews from seeking God. He took, action and did so with some force, he turned over the money changers tables, opened the cages and set free the birds and animals and then with rope used like a whip chased out the merchants declaring ‘my house shall be called a house of prayer for all the nations, but you have made it a den of robbers’. Meek and mild? – as if! There are times when justice and the needs of others requires swift action, here the knowledge that access to God is for all people not one people only, and that their faith should not be exploited for profit.

At best those with an Aries personality type are defenders of the weak and those prepared to show courage for the sake of justice. They also know how to read the moment and act swiftly when the time is right when others might be left dithering around. These are the people you want when risks need taking and courage is needed. Yet the Aries personality type can also tend to impulsive violence, aggression and rash action, their bravery becoming a foolish bravado that harms rather than helps. Jesus shows us that on some occasions it is not the time to act or use force, like when Jesus stopped Peter from attacking the soldiers who came to arrest him, not only was this violence going to achieve nothing it also misread the moment. This kind of cool-headedness is needed by the Aries personality type to keep the flaming passion in check sometimes, and hence people with this kind of personality need to explore the traits of the Air/Mind centre in order to grow, particularly the cool and reflective ones. Stopping to think for a moment when the passions are running high may save them from rash action in the heat of the situation. Over the longer term self-reflection will help them see themselves in proportion and avoid rushing headlong into fights beyond their ability.

If the Aries personality shows great bravery, Jesus reminds us that sometimes the path of true courage is in facing suffering for a just cause. His greatest moment of strength and bravery comes in facing torture and death in the knowledge this would in fact achieve so much more than the violent revolution some had wanted him to pursue.

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I am surprised to see that astrology and Jesus have a link here, apart from the three wise men, l can see no reference in Scripture to any special personality trait in Jesus because of Who He is.Or the relevance of ‘star signs’ in astronomy charts etc., within Christianty. It is my opinion that many people turn to astrological star signs to attempt to sort their lives than the living daily help of Jesus Christ.

#1. By angela on April 17, 2009

people do indeed turn to astrology seeking to understand and improve their lives. i think they will find in Jesus a path that fulfills this desire further, which is why these posts exist.

#2. By steve on April 20, 2009

l understand that people turn to astrology, but as it is mapped and guided by men/women and of the cerebral
rather than the spiritual, is it not possible thatthe word that leads to faith and an utter reliance on Jesus who is the root and branch of a true dependence to see us through the greatest storms of life as nothing else could?

#3. By angela on April 20, 2009

I think this is inspired thinking- to accept all types of personalities contained within and blessed by Jesus the perfect human being.  It takes us away from the unfree notion of predestination and gives us space to grow.

#4. By Sue on May 20, 2009

for me that is a key point, i want to see people grow from where they are and become fully who they should be. i think Jesus offers such a path to us whatever kind of person we are.

#5. By steve on May 21, 2009

Yes, to be able to accept, as Jesus does, a person of any type and situation, that’s a grace I seek

#6. By Sue Golden on May 21, 2009

i think that kind of acceptance of others becomes possible when we know ourselves accepted, i think it’s why knowing ourselves accepted by God whoever we are the bad as well as the good is so important, that acceptance through Jesus can free us not only to grow but also to be an accepter of others. Paul refers to it as the ministry of reconciliation possible because the whole creation has been reconcilled to God in Jesus

#7. By steve on May 22, 2009

Jesus is not an inter-faith’er.

He accepts all
submit complete Lordship of all to Him.
...this means He’s against rebelliousness to Him, which includes interfaith/ecumenicalism/new-age/Revelation17sProstituteChurch/Revelation17sBeastPoliticalSystems/etc.

#8. By Jeremiah on June 13, 2009

Son God Jesus is the Lord of lords and the God of gods!
He is the human expression of Father God YHWH.

Jesus has always existed as God but only came into existence as a human about April 17th around 6-4 BC:


#9. By Jeremiah on June 13, 2009


When one genuinely does the following, His benefits of becoming adopted by His Father come into effect:

(please see previous 2 posts by myself)

#10. By Jeremiah on June 13, 2009

“Jesus has always existed as God but only came into existence as a human about April 17th around 6-4 BC:”

This would mean that
Jesus is basically about
60% Aries
40% Taurus
(but with no weakness traits/sins of either since He also has God DNA)

...thanks for reading my 5 posts (this one and my previous 3)

#11. By Jeremiah on June 13, 2009

Correction to my previous post (post #11):

it should have said the following at the end

“...thanks for reading my 5 posts (this one and my previous 3).”

Ok, I’m done posting in here this weekend.

#12. By Jeremiah on June 13, 2009

I really love the open-hearted feeling of this site. As someone who was raised in an extremely evangelical environment gone wrong (aka The Children of God), I can’t explain how much I value this fresh and welcoming approach to Christianity and Jesus. Overly-preachy people are still in my immediate family – and the world in general – so it matters a lot that I take back my own understanding of a pure and loving God. No matter how righteous and knowing anyone else may feel themselves to be, isn’t it always going to be up to each one of us as individuals to do the same?

#13. By Prima on June 17, 2009

Do the same what?

#14. By Jeremiah on June 18, 2009

I notice that someone’s comment was deleted.
I became aware of the comment from my e-mail notification.

The comment from them was:

//before i was a christian i walked in darkness and there is no goodness in
astolegy it is from satan and is a tool he uses to decieve people we follow
God and his word tells us that we are not to dable with such things as stsr
signs have this site removed from the church page say no to ecumenicalism
and the decepsion of inter faith only Jesus leads to eternal life//

My response:

- please read my comments from this summer to see that I’ve already pointed out how these are false accusations of yours.
- the only accusation(s) that might not be false is the ecumenicalism and/or interfaithism attempt of this site.  Regarding that I do not know.  What I do know is that I wasn’t supporting either.

But what’s far more important than both those things is:

* don’t be against freedom of speech, whether that be for OR against your views!


#15. By Jeremiah on January 06, 2010

it was my comment that was removed i do not understand why it was removed but my view was in line with scripture maybe it spoke out against inter faith and the deception of ecumenicalism i take the same stand as ELIJAH not to paganism and yes to free christian speak

#16. By fred parkinson on January 07, 2010

unfortunatly free speech is now past and we are been restricted in our views especailly when our views stand completly on the word of God. in this politicaly correct world, if your view does not agree with the world then it is critisisied. to be evangelical now even in the church is suicide but follow the Lord not the world amen for when Jesus returns sometime in the future there will be no more political correctness and no inter faith only KING jESUS WILL BE WORSHIPPED FOR 1000 YEARS

#17. By fred parkinson on January 07, 2010

Fred P,
You’re being a hypocrite whether you realize it or not.

You are against your freedom of speech to speak out against interfaithism,
the deleted post of yours was demanding that interfaithism not be preached.
(I’m wording it differently but it’s the same concept)

Please don’t continue to set an inappropriate example of genuine Christianity.

A genuine Christian,

#18. By Jeremiah on January 17, 2010

jermaih i am lost in ur point but scripture does make clear that when Jesus returns and reigns for 1000 years that thier will be no more religions just the light of the world and GOD does make it clear not to mess with divination mediums astrology ect and as for all other religoins they were created by satan and some by men but not of God they r not truth and even all the former muslims that i know who now know the LORd JESUS as thier savour will also tell u that the angel that apeared to mohamed was satan himself we must rebuke what is not of God and when i have been in africa and u see an orphan who was going to be sacrficed by withdoctors then i have no time for interfaitrh and no door should be open to let it into the influnence of the church i hope u understand where i am coming from for i think u r not seeing what i am saying clearly

#19. By fred parkinson on January 18, 2010

I see clearly what you’re saying and I understand it.
Though this does not mean that I agree.

But I see you’ve ignored me on 2 counts:
1- if you look up, you’ll see I’ve already made comments about astrology and the Bible
2- you complained about being censored, yet the part you were censored on is you calling for these people to be censored…in other words, you’re being a hypocrite.
What does our Jesus say about that? ;(

#20. By Jeremiah on January 19, 2010

ok we can agree that Jesus is difinitly not an interfaither and not (new age or babalonian repackaged)harlot ect. as for the other related site to this link the e happiness of JESUS SAYINGs combinded with possitive thinking it can also bring in dangerous ideas that r not biblical what i am saying is some people who r new in thier faith may read some of the sites and become confused or go in the wrong direction i am concerned because i have seen this happen with new believers and they became delusioned with christainity it is because i do not want to see any fellow sheep lost reply soon please

#21. By fred parkinson on January 19, 2010

sorry i can speak fully on this again i have been tyold i am not authotised to comment on this page

#22. By fred parkinson on January 19, 2010

I understand your concerns Fred.
Because this is my SPAM e-mail address, you can e-mail here if you want to continue our conversation so that we don’t bring this page off-topic (lol):

#23. By Jeremiah on January 22, 2010

I love this post. I’m still currently inbetween with my ‘religion’.. ive always been more spiritual than religious and im only just finding my feet with christianity… something keeps leading me back to god but im still very much about the planets and stars.. so for you to somehow make me combine to 2 in my mind really helps me finding a way to enjoy both! I will never stop reading my starsign regardless of how devoted I become to god! Hope this makes sense. Thank you.. Oh and also its nice to hear that there is a bit of me in Jesus.. As an aries its nice to know Jesus was sometimes fiery too :o) x

#24. By Leeanna on February 03, 2011

there is Jesus in all of us - we are all in God’s image after all - and in a sense the Christian journey is about discovering what it means for us to become Christ-like as truly ourselves and yet fully who we are.  in my own journey that moved me from casting horoscopes to moving to a place where i nolonger read my star signs - though as this post shows i still see much wisdom in the undertsanding of personality in that ancient wisdom. i can’t map your journey for you - so you may well never give up reading star signs. i do know a lot of folk who as they journeyed with Christ have done so - not because someone told them to (though that happens ;o) but simply cause their faith jounrey filled that space in other ways through hearing God’s guidance and vision for their lives. may you bee blessed on your journey and if you’d value connecting to others who are not judegemental but have simlar expereinces let me know, there are quite few out there

#25. By Steve on February 05, 2011

God wants us to love the world as he created and trust that our spirits and hearts are aware of him…you can only be blessed if you see that you are…humble and grateful…regardless of the tampering and repetitions of many religious books which is the sole break of the unconnectedness…fighting for a superior following…stand up for the right things…help when you can…everyone should be for the prosperity of one another…our entire mathematical process for living is mapped by the stars…our ancestors worked hard to calculate the last second on the sundial…constellations and character traits are apparent in the breakdown of signs…the moon affects the tides…etc…it’s awesome being a child of God…call on him always…My Brother Jesus…Our Father God…Has returned for these modern times…Faith is lost and goodness to be restored…

#26. By JAH on April 11, 2013




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