Jesus – the Aquarius personality

09/02/09 | Posted by Steve Hollinghurst

Jesus is the model for all kinds of people to look to as they seek to become fully themselves and reach their potential. It could then be said that if we can speak of the star signs as representing different personality types, we can speak of Jesus as possessing the best traits of each. ‘Zodiac Jesus’ explores this each month showing how Jesus embodies the best of each type. Read the introduction to this series.

 Aquarius (traditionally Jan 21-Feb19)

This personality is centred in the Air/Mind. Aquarius personalities are progressive thinkers, prepared to go against convention particularly to aid an important humanitarian cause. Jesus often showed these traits in his attitude to the religious norms of his day. His approach to the day of rest, the Jewish Sabbath was typical of this. On one occasion he healed a man on the Sabbath and the religious leaders accused him of working. Jesus knew they were missing the point ‘the Sabbath was made for people not people for the Sabbath he told them. That is the instruction to take a day of rest and do no work was not intended to harm people but benefit people and therefore helping others in need could not be seen as breaking the instruction. In a similar way Jesus broke laws that forbade contact with the dead and chronically ill or those seen as living an immoral lifestyle, he saw caring for such people as far more important than doing what convention expected of him as a religious teacher.

Sometimes people with this type of personality can take the rebellious streak too far and become aloof self-important and indulge in eccentricities. Jesus countered this with his focus on being the servant of others, like on the occasion he fulfilled the duties of a household slave by washing his disciples feet; embodying the unconventional nature of the Aquarius personality but in a way that didn’t give in to it’s elitist tendency.

As the Aquarius personality is focused in the mind, using the intellect in the service of God and the good brings out the best in them as seen in Jesus.  To grow such people need to develop the characteristics of other areas. Perhaps the dependability of the earth strength personalities might add balance to the unconventional intellectual abilities of the Aquarius personality. Seeking to act as well as think in the service of God and the good, especially to serve the humanitarian causes they are inspired by, will help such growth of person into the likeness of Jesus. 


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My birthday happens to fall in ‘aquarius’ and I found this appropriate, refreshing, inspiring birthday reading(not that my own personality is particulary mind-focused…I’ll look forward to the next posts)!

#1. By Sara on February 15, 2009

Can’t wait till you get to Cancer. Friends always accuse me of being crabby.

#2. By Andrew Wooding on February 20, 2009

This explains my wife!

#3. By Annoymous on February 20, 2009

Quite uncanny, it sounds exactly like me. I must ask my wife if she thinks the same.

#4. By Paul on May 01, 2009

unfortunatly paul is already believing some of the star signs this is how dangerous this is, trust the LORD only and so no to interfaith and the WCC.

#5. By fred parkinson on January 07, 2010

Acts 20:For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.
This is what is happening here - wolves in sheeps clothing!!!

#6. By Ken Crozier on January 07, 2010




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