Good Fish, Bad Fish

20/07/11 | Posted by Sarah-L-B

New York, 2006 - my friends and I were having the time of our lives walking the streets of "The Big Apple". While attempting to locate a particular comic book store we turned a busy corner, at which point I felt a small leaflet being pressed into my hand. No prizes for guessing the message.

 Good fish, bad fish…is it really so simple?

Ah yes, another day, another informative leaflet about how I’m going to Hell. If I had a pound coin for every time it happened, I’d be able to quit my job and live on the moon. While this was not an especially unusual occurrence, the incident stayed with me because of something my friend said. Having failed to locate the desired comic book store on foot, we hailed one of New York’s trademark yellow cabs and sped away. During the ride I expressed my distaste for the leaflet, to which I took some degree of offence. My friend explained that he had been “reborn” not too long before, having been baptised again. He said he felt the change and believed that it was real. I was refreshed by his honest yet non-judgemental tale.

At this point, he likened God to a fisherman. He sorts us all out when we die. “Good fish, bad fish, good fish, bad fish…” at which point, we left the taxi and proceeded to shop for comics. Amidst the stacks of Marvel super heroes, Manga books and geek-tastic collectable figurines, I still couldn’t shake this simple yet thought-provoking metaphor from my mind. Even now, I think of it often.

Would I be a good catch?

Years later, in 2009, a co-worker and I found ourselves on the subject of religion. The guy I worked with was Pagan, and proud of it. Once again I was taken aback by simple words of wisdom - that whatever awaits us after we die, all they want to hear is that we are thankful for the life we had. Somehow, this nugget of thought makes sense too. If you gave someone a gift, you wouldn’t want to hear them complain, you would? You’d be offended if they complained of its quality, or wished to swap it for something else.

These two small incidences could almost go hand-in-hand. The good catch appreciates the fact that they were ever born. Whatever trials and troubles they endured, whatever happiness and sadness they experienced, they had a shot at life nonetheless. What you do with your “gift” once you receive it is up to you. Maybe the good catch simply appreciates the fact that they had the chance of a life at all.

I just had to share these two small moments in life. How do you feel about God the fisherman, sorting his good fish and bad fish? Does all he want to hear is that you appreciated the gift you have? Can it really be as simple as that?

A little food for thought. I think about these words often, maybe they will go on to inspire you too!

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Christianity is basically an Iron Age myth that is based on a Bronze Age myth. It has given the world a psychological disease which transmits like a virus and then has provided a “cure” for this disease. Christianity is demonstrably wrong from various standpoints - moral, logical & scientific. It has been dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Believers are stuck in their own circular argument which is based on the loophole of faith. No amount of evidence or logic will have any effect on the faithful, so brainwashed have they become. They have become what their fictitious God wanted them to be - sheep-like sycophants to an idea. It’s about time they grew up and let this absurdist nonsense go. It’s ok to be authentic and it’s ok to not to be afraid.

#1. By Spectrox War on August 01, 2011

I should maybe take a moment to state that I’m not a devoted Christian, I’m an open-minded individual who enjoys “food for thought” smile

#2. By Sarah-L-B on August 01, 2011

That’s fine Sarah, but eventually sitting on the fence serves no purpose other than to make one’s own bottom sore! At the end of the day, people either believe there is a God or there is insufficient evidence to believe in one. I am in the latter camp - an agnostic (weak) atheist - which means I don’t believe in God but don’t think it can ever be proved one way or the other. Every religion I have encountered has serious deficiencies - so I have to ask myself honestly “where exactly is God?” The silence is deafening.

#3. By Spectrox War on August 02, 2011

Why are you here then Spectrox War, are you still looking?

#4. By Lucy on August 02, 2011

No, I’m just bored and spoiling for a good argument. You don’t seem too fundamentalist - a pity. You sound far too reasonable to me. I’ll just have to go and pick a fight somewhere else!

#5. By Spectrox War on August 02, 2011

Yeah I’m not a fundamentalist.I think I’m reasonable and rational but you might disagree since I believe in God! :p

#6. By Lucy on August 02, 2011

Why do you believe in God then? How do you define God?

#7. By Spectrox War on August 02, 2011

Thank you Sarah, I needed to read those words today. Found them quite moving.

Been a year of upheaval and serious change, but still so much to be thankful for. Plus I can identify with looking for comic shops! Once got a free tour round Marvel Comics in New York…

I definitely believe in God, but struggle with some of the man-made stuff that has formed around him.

Chill, Spectrox War. I’m happy for you to be an atheist; a lot of my friends are and we have good laughs together. So be happy for me to be me.


#8. By Andrew Wooding on August 04, 2011

That’s fine Andrew. As long as you don’t think I deserve to burn in Hell forever…

#9. By Spectrox War on August 05, 2011

Oh goodness no, this isn’t that kind of site. Many different people of varying views and beliefs visit here smile

#10. By Sarah-L-B on August 05, 2011

Nope. I don’t think you’re going to burn in hell. What a horrible concept.


#11. By Andrew Wooding on August 05, 2011




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