First Steps

15/12/08 | Posted by Poppy

This is my first post and a bit of a journey into cyber space. For someone who is a confident computer user you would not believe how hard it is to be faced with a new version of the software. None of my buttons are in the right place and if I push the wrong one I'm scared I'll take the site down.

 Off on a journey

This is silly of course. Change is normal. It is built into our DNA, all the cells in our body die and are renewed every few months. I am not the same person I was last year. Change is what we are.

But starting on a new journey is hard.

So much to plan, too many things to think of.

Did the shepherds plan when they followed the prompting of the angels to find the baby that had been born? Did the wise men spend weeks working out an travel plan with risk assessments on travel by Camel?

Or did they just do it?

Put one foot in front of the other and start on the journey?

So maybe just starting with one small step is what it is about. Sometimes just doing it is what is needed. Years ago someone told me that having faith was about small steps. ‘Just try it’ was what he said. As one of life’s planners I’m not sure about it but here goes….

One first post for mankind…...

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simple and inspirational. Thank you Poppy.  I like all of your articles and this one included.

Just reminds us we all have to start somewhere.  Whether it is planned or not. Life is an adventure with God and it is up to us with the help of God to make it through. With God we will.  So whether planned or not, each little step is all important to the big life plan

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