Elton John: “Jesus was Gay”

18/03/10 | Posted by MattPage

Pop superstar Elton John has caused outrage by claiming Jesus was gay. In an interview for America’s Parade magazine John suggests that “Jesus was a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems”.


It’s certainly not the first time that such a claim has been made. Back in 1998 Terrence McNally’s play “Corpus Christi” featured a gay Jesus living with the apostles in 20th century Texas (though the story that the play is being made into a film is actually a hoax). On top of this, various writers have claimed to find evidence of Jesus’ homosexuality in the gospels based on things as diverse as the relationship with the disciple whom Jesus loved through to his lack of condemnation of homosexual acts.

The strongest piece of evidence for such a claim is his supposed singleness, but there are various flaws with this. Firstly, as the gospels simply don’t mention it. It’s quite possible given that the gospels are mainly concerned with demonstrating that Jesus was the Messiah, not writing a modern biography (apart from anything they are far too short). And, of course, in those days woman weren’t just seen as second hand citizens, but as possessions. 

But it was also not unheard of for men, particularly holy men, staying single to enhance their holiness. The authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls were praised for being single by Philo and Josephus (Jewish historians of the day).

It is, of course, possible  that the reason Jesus was unmarried was because he was gay, but is it likely, especially given that even today only around 5% of men are homosexual? It’s unlikely.
The other theories are even weaker. Given the disdain that homosexuality was held in both by the Jewish people of Jesus’ day and the early church, it seems unlikely that the phrase “the disciple whom Jesus loved” (in John’s gospel) is being used to indicate a sexual relationship. And the intimate manner in which this disciple rests his head on Jesus’ chest as they eat is nothing more scandalous than common practice. Likewise, even in the Middle East today it’s not considered strange for men to walk down the street holding hands.

Another piece of evidence is the presence of a naked man in the Garden of Gethsemane (Mark 14:52), but here the text is quite clear that the man is only naked because he had slipped out of them to escape a soldier’s grasp. Lastly some scholars suggest that the centurion and his servant whom Jesus heals in Matthew 8 are lovers, and duly note Jesus’ lack of condemnation. But even if this were proved to be the case, it is irrelevant to the question of Jesus’ own sexuality. Could not a straight man show such compassion? And is this not the kind of compassion we see Jesus act with elsewhere?

Such compassion has been sorely missing from some of Jesus’ modern day followers, however. A man from Georgia, United States, has been arrested for making a video declaring “Elton John must die” on account of what he said.

Evidence to support his claim, however, is minimal. Even Peter Tatchell is unable to put forward his own piece on the subject with any conviction. And whilst it’s unlikely that anyone looks to Elton John for theological opinions, it’s hardly surprising that his comments have deeply upset so many people.

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No doubt Elton John’s fans, esp. the gay variety, will latch on nto Elton’s foolish comments.  But surely any sane Christian will see the remarks as being just that “foolish”  Elton John along with other “gay” men are constantly looking for any excuse to condone their disgusting behaviour. The very fact that they do so is clear evidence that they know that what they do is un-natural.  I suggest we leave them to it and get on with the more imporatnt issues of life.

#1. By lilian on March 26, 2010

I think to say that Elton John’s behaviour is disgusting goes totally against what Jesus stood for.  Jesus wanted people to look at the heart of the person and not necessarily their sexuality.  I believe that gay people were born that way just like heterosexuals.  God made us different and wanted us to celebrate our differences.

#2. By Gill on March 31, 2010

The ultimate insult to God, Jesus was not gay. Homosexuality is an abomination. Elton better start praying for forgiveness after that repulsive remark!

#3. By Dave on April 03, 2010


#4. By Ted Lyon on April 11, 2010

I don’t particularly care what Elton John said but I am an out and proud gay and a Christian and a Reader in the Church of England.
Lilian, Gill, Dave and Ted presumably are not gay. They don’t sound very Christian either. I’ve rarely heard such hatred from gay men - or non-Christians for that matter. Hardly very Jesus-like.

#5. By Peter Roberts on May 08, 2010

I am a gay women. Thank you Peter you are spot on. I’m looking for a truly Christian christian church and stumbled upon this site. It is hard being a christian in the face of such non-christian sentiments! hey ho ... I guess that is what being a christian is all about grin

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