Doctor Who and Jesus - 1 - Goodbye to David Tennant

10/11/08 | Posted by Andrew Wooding

Brace yourself for some sad news - although you will have to have been hiding on the Planet Zog not to have heard it already: David Tennant - arguably the most popular Doctor Who ever - has announced he is leaving the role after three seasons and a handful of specials. Yes, after three years of public service, the Tenth Doctor will soon face his death. Fear not, there will be a resurrection and the Doctor will emerge triumphantly from the TARDIS. His followers may not recognise him to start with, but by his actions they will quickly realise that he is still the Doctor ... and all shall be well.

 The Doctor’s TARDIS

But that’s all in the future. Right now, as Tennant’s Doctor faces his imminent end, it might be fitting to look back on his time in Doctor Who. Three female companions, with Mickey and Captain Jack hopping on board from time to time. Two jackets - one blue, one brown - and a sonic screwdriver in almost constant use, with barely a spare second for recharging. Deadly villains, from Sycorax to Sontarans, from Macra to the Master, not forgetting Davros and his Daleks, and a memorable face-off with, arguably, Satan himself.

It has certainly been a lively ride these last three seasons. Add to this the fact that the Doctor has, at times, taken on a decidely messianic air. Is he actually Jesus? We do know that the Doctor is a lord of time and space, but is there more to it than that? Or is he just a flawed, contradictory traveller who sometimes mirrors aspects of Christ’s life?

Well, in the best traditions of Doctor Who I’m going to end this blog on a cliffhanger and promise that in blog number 2 we’ll start revisiting some of Tennant’s best episodes and seeing what they might tell us (or not) about Jesus. It promises to be a bumpy journey but I’m sure we’ll get through it together ... with or without a sonic screwdriver.

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I can live with it!

#1. By Richard Bromley on November 11, 2008

JESUS meets Steve Irwin

JC Oh Hi Steve.  Or should I say Watcha doin’ Mate?

SI It’s great to be here, although I did’nt expect it to be so soon.

JC You know you have been a beacon to the people of the world, what with all that conservation in Australia.

SI   It’s nothing!  Just doin something I loved.

JC Saving the most maligned creatures, nothing?  Hey.  Not a lot of people like Crocodiles, they seem to prefer the more cuddly things such as cats, dogs, and bunny rabbits, not scaly reptiles.  Steve, my Father made even the crocodiles and lizards, they are all part of his plan.

SI I never thought of that.  Fancy another beer, mate. 

JC Oh yes please.  Cheers Stevo!

SI Cheers JC!

#2. By Lisa on February 26, 2009




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