Conversations with Jesus: In this episode Jesus speaks to Elvis Presley

15/03/09 | Posted by ellen

In this episode Jesus speaks to Elvis about what it’s like to be crowned a king, weight fluctuation, white jumpsuits and playing Vegas.

 the king has left the building

Jesus Christ: Well, thanks for making time to see me here backstage at the Hilton, Las Vegas. I just caught your show and it was amazing. Elvis you truly are the ‘King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’!
Elvis Presley: Why, thank you Jesus. I am glad you enjoyed the show. You know I put my success down to you (and my Mamma)...
JC: That’s very kind of you but you have so many gifts and I am just pleased to see that you seem so much happier these days…
EP: Yes, I am a lot happier now I have shifted a few pounds and am back playing live.
There is a bit of a pause whilst Elvis considers just what to ask Jesus.
JC: Is there something on your mind Elvis?
EP: Indeed…you mentioned my being the ‘King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’, well, this is a title other people have given me and I am always a bit wary of it.
JC: Why’s that Elvis?
EP: Well, it’s difficult to live up to isn’t it?
JC: What do you mean?
EP: I just feel under so much pressure to be Elvis Presley ‘the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll’. Sometimes I want to just be ordinary Elvis from Memphis.
JC: I know exactly how you feel. There were days in my ministry that I just wanted to go back to Galilee and work at Joseph’s carpentry workshop again, spend time with my family, swim in the Sea and climb the mountains just like I did when I was a boy. But, those feelings were always short lived and I just knew what I had to do…
EP: Ahha, I hear you Jesus. That’s how I feel…like I was born to sing and entertain.
JC: I know…I think you were born to sing and entertain Elvis.
EP: …and you always seemed so clear about what you were called to be!
JC: You are right, but it also took a while for me to discover exactly what my Father wanted me to do. You know I didn’t start my ministry until I was 32 and even after three years it wasn’t really until that last week before Passover that it all became clear to me…
EP: Jesus, it must have been hard to find out that so many people didn’t really understand who you were?
JC: Yes, but I never expected everyone to get it! Even my closest friends were confused about who I was and why I wasn’t challenging the Roman occupation or calling people to arms.
EP: It must have been very frustrating?
JC: No, not really. I knew that my physical life on earth was going to be a challenge; I was always going to be a stumbling block for some people. But, I also knew that I was going to be the way many people would come to know God. My physical presence was just the start of the story.
EP: But the way people mocked you and called the ‘King of the Jews’ as you hung on the cross dying – surely that was hard for you?
JC: Yes, it hurt. But, I came to save all people…Jew and gentile alike. I am king for everyone!
EP: Jesus, you are my King!
JC: Thanks Elvis, I know I can rely on you.
Jesus looks around Elvis’ dressing room, he spends a lot of time looking at Elvis’ stage costumes.
EP: Do you like the white jumpsuit?
JC: I certainly do Elvis…I have to say the white jumpsuit is one of my favourite ‘Elvis looks’. That and when you came out of the army.
EP: I know…I did look good then didn’t I! You know, I have such trouble keeping the weight off.
JC: I am completely the opposite.
EP: It’s genetic.
JC: So they say…
Jesus and Elvis had so much to talk about and they carried on chatting until Colonel Tom Parker came to fetch Elvis to go back to his hotel room. They had had a lovely evening…but Elvis was looking tired and Jesus knew he’d see him again soon. 

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