07/07/09 | Posted by ellen

On re:jesus we have featured a few strange items which some people believe resemble the face or body of Jesus but this one has to be the most extra-ordinary. A couple from Texas believe that they have found Jesus in their cheese crisps - they have named the cheesy phenomenon 'Cheesus'!


The News Report below claims that if the couple who found ‘Cheesus’ don’t get a good offer for him on e-bay they may well just eat him!


When I last featured a Jesus-look-a-like (Marmite Jesus) one of the people who commented asked if I was embarrassed by this sort of thing…Well, yes in some ways it does seem a bit strange! But, it is also remarkable that, despite the fact that these are obviously not images created on purpose, people should attribute some sort of religious significance to them. What is this significance about - Do people feel blessed when they see these images? Do they feel a tangible presence of Jesus when they find the image of Jesus in their crisp packet? What difference do these ‘appearances’ make to these people’s lives? Has anyone found faith as a result of finding Jesus in their cornflakes?

If you re interested in other sightings of Jesus in strange and wonderful places (though many are food related) this slideshow will be of interest to you. 



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