Prayer? It’s a Good Natter!

05/02/11 | Posted by Sarah-L-B

Having brewed the tea and unwrapped the chocolate, my friends and I put our feet up on the sofa for the evening. For us, this has always been the perfect way to begin a good, long conversation. And hey, we all love a good natter, right?

 A good natter…

Be it online, on the bus, in the pub or simply sat in the front room with a mug of tea, everyone enjoys a lengthy conversation from time to time. Talking, listening and generally participating in some good old-fashioned chatter really is very healthy indeed, especially when you have more than enough on your mind. A problem shared is a problem halved, right?

It just so happens that we also choose to share a box of Creme Eggs in the process…

Of course, there shall always be times when we are unable to arrange such meetings. Life can be hectic, meaning that opportunities to talk at length can sometimes appear sparse. So, what can we do in times such as these? It can be rather difficult to face certain issues with no one around to listen. That’s where “the prayer thing” comes in.

Goodness knows I’m not great at it. Like many people, I question what on earth I’m doing. Who am I really talking to? Do I have to kneel or am I fine like this? Am I supposed to speak aloud? Sometimes I think it would be easier if Jesus simply knocked on my door with a box of Creme Eggs and a good DVD. But the simple truth is that if you feel all the better for talking, you must surely be doing it right.

For some, it can be a last resort. For others, it is a daily ritual. Some are convinced that Jesus can hear them while others are simply trying it on for size. Whatever the reasoning, prayer isn’t a bad idea now and then. Don’t see it as prayer - see it as a good natter. Talking about how you feel, about life’s problems, even about your day in general can lighten your mood a great deal. You can have all the pleasure of talking without the displeasure of a lengthy long-distance phone bill!

No matter what you say, this is one conversation in which no one will hang up, walk out or make excuses.

So…is there room for one more on your sofa?

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Wow! I’ve never thought of prayer, quite like that before. Thanks for the encouragement smile

#1. By Bev on February 09, 2011

Thanks Bev,
That’s how I most often experience prayer, though I sometimes wonder “Am I treating Jesus a bit too casually ?” - the answer tends to come back as a firm “No”, it is good to be in relationship with him just as one would a friend, cause that’s what he is, our best friend !

#2. By Liz C on March 18, 2011

Ooops sorry - that should have been thanks Sarah x

#3. By Liz C on March 18, 2011




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