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Coronation Street Cross

15/01/09 | Posted by ellen | Permalink | (6) Comments

Many of today’s newspapers have featured a story about the wedding of Coronation Street characters Tyrone Dobbs and Molly Compton. During the fictional ceremony the altar cross, that is usually a prominent feature of the real life church St Mary's in Nether Alderley, Cheshire, was replaced by a candelabra and a flower display. So much fuss has been made about the missing cross that the producers of the popular soap have had to apologize for its absence. More ...

Love covers over a multitude of sins

07/01/09 | Posted by ellen | Permalink | (3) Comments

I bought a new top the other day - it is white, made of linen, long and floaty. I like it. I wore it out for lunch with my mother, who said to me: 'Ellen - you look lovely, that top covers a multitude of sins'. More ...

Behind the Story

24/12/08 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (2) Comments

As someone who nearly gave birth to a baby on the motorway I’ve had a real affinity with Mary. It makes a good story later, as both mother and baby are fine, but at the time it wasn’t funny. More ...

Conversations with Jesus: in this episode Jesus speaks to Santa

20/12/08 | Posted by ellen | Permalink | (5) Comments

Over a lovely glass of mulled wine Santa and Jesus share a mince pie and discuss heavy schedules, the time space continuum and the real meaning of Christmas. More ...

Not even Christians believe in the virgin birth

08/12/08 | Posted by Ralph | Permalink | (14) Comments

Last year a piece of research showed that the UK as a nation is a little confused about the details of the story behind Christmas. This year we’re not even sure we believe it. ‘What’s the problem’ you ask? Well, I’m wondering how someone can call himself or herself a Christian and not believe the basics. Even more than that I’m wondering what you think. More ...

why are we waiting?

26/11/08 | Posted by ellen | Permalink | (0) Comments

It is Advent Sunday this Sunday and we get to open the first window on the chocolate advent calender that my daughter has bullied me into getting on Monday 1st December...I can scarcely hold the children back from opening this first window and their impatience to get Christmas going is already starting to wear me out. So, why are we waiting? Why don't we just get on with it? More ...

Better the devil you know…

20/11/08 | Posted by feihero | Permalink | (0) Comments

Leprous gay priest flayed alive in sauna (by demoniac). These are the kind of headlines even the Sunday Sport might hesitate to publish. So it is perhaps surprising to find them effectively summing up the conclusion of a new BBC Drama. Or, more chillingly, setting the tone at the beginning of one. Apparitions, which continues tonight, has managed to cause an unprecedented range of offence – with Catholics, Evangelicals, atheists on the Richard Dawkins Forum, and a host of newspaper reviewers, all stepping up to stone Martin Shaw et al. for sins ranging from dubious theology to ‘a silly plot’. But peel back the first impressions of this Buffy-meets-The-Exorcist thriller and you might find it possessed of something far older and more powerful than any of the critics have yet confronted. More ...

Road Rage

17/11/08 | Posted by ellen | Permalink | (1) Comments

I have spent most of my driving life holding in emotions, trying to be patient, attempting to drive responsibly and avoiding making obscene gestures at my fellow 'travellers of the road'. Some of us are naturally calm and collected drivers, some of us lack discipline and need to be reminded of our vulnerability. That said, I am, so they tell me, a good driver and I have only had one minor prang (last Christmas I dented my mums car by driving very slowly into the back of a BMW - no damage done to the BMW!). But I have been feeling more vulnerable lately and I felt I wanted to move more gently around the world. As a result I have been trying out driving as if I was on my test - doing all the right things, right moves, right speed etc. More ...

Are you scared of theology?

11/11/08 | Posted by ellen | Permalink | (1) Comments

Theology has always seemed to me like a specialist 'way of thinking about God', something best left to the professionals. But, I am slowly starting to realise that this might not be true...Whenever we think about God, imagine God, speak about God aren't we 'doing theology'? More ...

Doctor Who and Jesus - 1 - Goodbye to David Tennant

10/11/08 | Posted by Andrew Wooding | Permalink | (2) Comments

Brace yourself for some sad news - although you will have to have been hiding on the Planet Zog not to have heard it already: David Tennant - arguably the most popular Doctor Who ever - has announced he is leaving the role after three seasons and a handful of specials. Yes, after three years of public service, the Tenth Doctor will soon face his death. Fear not, there will be a resurrection and the Doctor will emerge triumphantly from the TARDIS. His followers may not recognise him to start with, but by his actions they will quickly realise that he is still the Doctor ... and all shall be well. More ...

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