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Doctor Who and Jesus - 3 - Too young to be a time lord

08/01/09 | Posted by Andrew Wooding | Permalink | (4) Comments

You have to admit, it’s been a momentous few weeks for Doctor Who fans. First, David Tennant announced he was going to step down from the role after filming four specials in early 2009. This announcement was followed by the 2008 Christmas special, featuring guest actor David Morrissey. Would Morrissey be ‘The Next Doctor’ – David Tennant’s successor – or was the episode’s title just a red herring? It turned out the latter was true. Finally, just three days into the new year, the real ‘next Doctor’ was announced: a virtual unknown called Matt Smith, the youngest actor ever to take on the part of the Doctor. Which begs the question, at just 26 years old, is he too young to be our favourite time lord? More ...

Jack Black as Jesus

09/12/08 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (9) Comments

School of Rock star Jack Black has appeared playing Jesus in an internet film. Prop 8 - The Musical was written by Marc Shaiman (Hairspray) as a protest against a new piece of Californian legislation limiting gay rights. Black appears to a bunch of evangelical Christians (played by John C. Reilly and West Wing's Allison Janney) and points out that they seem to pick and choose which parts of the Bible they follow. Jesus goes on to suggest that they should pick the bits that talk about love and not those that are about hate.The film gained an incredible 1.2 million hits in its first day, and reached the 2.5 million mark within just 5 days. More ...

Are you scared of theology?

11/11/08 | Posted by ellen | Permalink | (1) Comments

Theology has always seemed to me like a specialist 'way of thinking about God', something best left to the professionals. But, I am slowly starting to realise that this might not be true...Whenever we think about God, imagine God, speak about God aren't we 'doing theology'? More ...

The Christmas Story in Under 30 Seconds

04/11/08 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (0) Comments

A competition has been launched challenging the public to tell the story of Jesus’ birth in just thirty seconds. It’s the latest campaign from the Churches Advertising Network whose previous Christmas campaigns included putting a baby’s head on Che Guvera’s body and describing the Virgin Mary as having a "bad hair day". More ...

Film Review: Prince Caspian

27/06/08 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (0) Comments

The publicity machine for Prince Caspian has been going full throttle for the past month promising a visually stunning action film for all the family. And, as one would hope for a film with a £200 million budget and no big stars to pay, the visuals are fairly stunning. Whilst never hugely original, the camera swoops and pans, captures the nice scenery and gets right in the thick of the action. The CGI is fairly impressive too. I can only recall two films that feature trees coming to life and taking part in a battle and Caspian's trees blow those from Lord of the Rings clean out of the water. Furthermore, the animals are animated far more smoothly than they were in the first Narnia movie. Reepicheep and Trufflehunter are portrayed so believably that all memories of Warwick Davis' awful mouse costume from the BBC version of this story were forgotten, at least for a moment. More ...

Film Review: Son of Man

12/03/08 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (1) Comments

Mark Dornford-May's Son of Man sets the Jesus story in the context of a modern, African township. Were Jesus to come to earth today, it's not hard to imagine that this is the kind of place we'd find him, criticising the politics and corruption that leaves millions living in shacks. Here Pilate's troops pose as agents of peace from a neighbouring country. He maintains his power by using local gangland leaders Caiaphas and Annas to keep control of their people. This Jesus, played by Andile Kosi, is almost the polar opposite of the image of Jesus most of us grew up with. Rather than blond hair and a white bathrobe he's a shaven headed black-African dressed in jeans and a checked shirt. Yet it is easy to relate to him in the role, because Kosi effortlessly blends strength, compassion, and an easy going nature, with a compelling and passionate personality. More ...

Film Review: The Miracle Maker

16/05/07 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (3) Comments

Movie makers filming the life of Jesus have generally struggled to get the balance right between his divinity and his humanity. The earlier films, like 1927's The King of Kings, emphasised Jesus's divinity by making him remote and detached. More recent films have tried to portray a more human Jesus, but often seem to sail straight past the target. Last Temptation of Christ portrayed a Jesus who wasn't even a particularly stable human. Others were so keen to show him laughing, that he lost any sense of substance. More ...

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