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Number Crunching

12/12/12 | Posted by HughB | Permalink | (0) Comments

So more information has been released from the 2011 UK Census and it will come as no surprise to most of us that the percentage of people defining themselves as Christians has declined considerably in the last decade – from 72% to 59%. But the BBC’s religious affairs correspondent reports that Church is not discouraged. Some are sceptical about the Census’ finding and, besides, 59% shows that “Christian belief is alive and well”…apparently. More ...

Advent and dinosaurs

06/12/12 | Posted by Ian Black | Permalink | (1) Comments

In a discovery sure to excite every eight year old, scientists at the Natural History Museum have discovered a new dinosaur. Nyasasaurus Parringtoni, named after the region of Africa where it was found (Lake Nyasa, now Lake Malawi) and the palaeontologist who found the fossils (Rex Parrington), is thought to be around 250 million years old. Measuring between two and three metres long, it probably stood on two legs. More ...

No Shows

18/07/12 | Posted by HughB | Permalink | (0) Comments

A “humiliating shambles” is how a panel of MPs has described the provision of security for the 2012 Olympics. The chief executive of the company contracted to provide that security tried to get away with simply acknowledging that “it’s not where we’d want to be” but eventually and rather reluctantly admitted that he couldn’t disagree with them. Perhaps an extreme case but I bet we can all think of times when we feel that we have been let down. More ...

At Cross Purposes

27/03/12 | Posted by HughB | Permalink | (1) Comments

Here’s a conundrum for you: What’s the similarity between a Sports Relief Fun-Runner and the Church of England? Well one answer might be “they’re both after your money” but there is another. More ...

What’s Another Day?

29/02/12 | Posted by HughB | Permalink | (0) Comments

29th February – so what are you going to do with the extra day? More ...

Beetbox Nativity

24/12/11 | Posted by Ian Black | Permalink | (0) Comments

If you are looking for a fresh, retake on the nativity story, sit back and enjoy this beetbox nativity. Produced by a vicar in Devon it tells the story of Jesus' birth in a way you've probably never seen before. Enjoy and have a very happy Christmas. More ...

What’s It Worth?

02/12/11 | Posted by HughB | Permalink | (0) Comments

I’ve recently come across this stuff - a plastic which softens in hot water and then can be moulded. It’s been selling at a reasonable price for some time. Then this year another company renamed it, repackaged it and is selling it at more than double the price. And though the cheaper brand is still available, people are buying the expensive stuff. What’s going on? More ...

The Jesus Silly Season

02/12/11 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (1) Comments

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. More tellingly however the news starts to carry a glut of bizzare, minor stories about Jesus which together combine to remind those who are only faintly aware that Christmas is kinda meant to be about Jesus.' More ...

Christmas countdown

29/11/11 | Posted by Ian Black | Permalink | (1) Comments

The Christmas countdown has now officially begun. Sunday was the beginning of Advent and that waved the flag to get the ‘to do’ list sorted – presents to buy, cards to write, hints to drop, plans to make. More ...

12/11/11 | Posted by Ian Black | Permalink | (1) Comments

Today is the 11th day of the 11th month and this year this falls in the 11th year. Add to it the traditional time of remembrance at 11.00am and we have the complete set. The synchronicity of this makes it feel poignant because it has a resonance for those with tidy minds. More ...

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