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Pumpkin season

26/10/11 | Posted by Ian Black | Permalink | (0) Comments

We are entering the season of pumpkin carving. Millions of the gourds will be sold over the coming days to be hollowed out, shapes scary and fun carved into them and lights placed inside. Some may even make use of the innards to cook up tasty treats. The effect can be magical and warming, especially if the image carved is not too scary. More ...

Sell Phone

08/09/11 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (0) Comments

It feels odd to talk about Easter in September, which is why it seems so strange that the Advertising Standards Agency have taken four and a half months to come to a conclusion about Phones4U's Easter advertising campaign. More ...

Controversial Jesus Photograph Slashed in Gallery

21/04/11 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (3) Comments

One of the most controversial art works about Jesus has been vandalised by Christian protesters whilst on display in a gallery in France. The attack took place the day after a protest march by hundreds of French Catholic fundamentalists complaining about the work's inclusion at the Musée d'art Contemporain in Avignon. There has been tension in the city ever since the "I Believe in Miracles" exhibition began, with online petitions, criticisms of the piece by the Archbishop of Vaucluse and tens of thousands of emails objecting to the exhibition. More ...

Jesus, the Pope and Anti-Semitism

10/03/11 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (3) Comments

The Pope's new book goes on sale today, part 2 of his series "Jesus of Nazareth". The first book tackled the period "From the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration" so naturally part two goes "from the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection". The work covers a number of key issues such as the meaning of Jesus' death and the evidence about his resurrection. But one aspect that has caught the headlines is Pope Benedict's declaration that it was not all of the Jewish people who were responsible for Jesus' death, but only the "Temple aristocracy" and "the followers of Barabbas". More ...

TV Review: BBC1’s The Nativity

20/12/10 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (40) Comments

For many of us our first, and possibly only, acting role was in a nativity play. So it’s strange that so few professional actors get the chance to return to their humble beginnings. The 2006 film The Nativity Story was the first time that an English version of the story had hit the silver screen since 1914. Television has tried a few new approaches to the story, such as 2007’s Liverpool Nativity, but a decent, historical attempt at telling the Christmas Story is long overdue. More ...

How Would Jesus Vote?

13/04/10 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (0) Comments

So the election has been called for May 6th and the next few weeks will see the airwaves thick with clichéd slogans, billboards festooned with glossy posters and armies of canvassers interrupting peaceful evenings. But is there anything worth voting for, and how would a certain preacher from Galilee have acted if he found himself (somewhat bizarrely) in our shoes today? More ...

What do I do?

01/04/10 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (6) Comments

It is really tough when, as a parent, you see your child bullied at school. Two of mine have had real problems with this and, as a Christian, I really struggle. On one hand I am tasked with loving my neighbour and turning the other cheek. On the other Jesus was known for valuing children. It is difficult to know what to do when it is my child that is being thrown across a room or punched in the stomach. More ...

Don’t laugh, Jesus went by Donkey

29/03/10 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (0) Comments

Said a supposedly humorous car sticker from the 80s, and today is the day that people celebrate the memory of Jesus’ most famous road trip - his journey into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey. The symbolism of Jesus’ mode of transport is largely lost on us today. Almost no-one in the west travels on animals today, let alone going by donkey, and even in the middle east donkeys tend to be used to carry goods rather than passengers. More ...

The last taboo?

12/12/09 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (6) Comments

We aren't that festive in the Poppy household at the moment as someone close to us if very ill. Every time the phone goes I'm expecting bad news and it seems to be a particularily bad time of year to be in this situation as the last taboo for converstaion seems to be even more strongly observed now than at any other time of year. More ...

He’s Alive!

12/04/09 | Posted by ellen | Permalink | (1) Comments

The first person to meet Jesus that first Easter morning was Mary…the tomb, which had been guarded by Roman soldiers, was empty and she was heartbroken – who had taken Jesus? Where was he? But then there he was. She had thought he was the gardener but then she realised it really was Jesus, standing there in front of her. Jesus is Alive! More ...

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