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Obama and Jesus

06/02/11 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (1) Comments

It’s been a strangely religious week for President Obama. The man who many on the left thought would be the USA’s messiah has found himself beset with problems, not least that an astonishing 20% of Americans believe he is a Muslim despite his various claims to the contrary. More ...

Jesus in the NHS

12/09/09 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (5) Comments

I've been on holiday for a few weeks and part of my time away was spent in A & E (ER in the States) when I badly twisted my foot. Whilst I was away I missed out on all the fuss about the reforms of the American Healthcare system and the criticism of the NHS that followed but from my experience the NHS has a lot going for it when you have an accident! More ...

Shouting at Nice People who Work for the Council can Damage Your Health

07/08/09 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (3) Comments

That isn’t the snappiest title I’ve ever come up with but I’m fed up with people being angry. I work in local government and dealing with tantrums and hissy fits is something I deal with every day. I've heard every excuse under the sun for why people are angry but it doesn't stop them having a go at yours truely. More ...

Jesus is a Cricket Fan?

28/07/09 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (0) Comments

The third test in the current ashes seris starts on Thursday. I can wave goodbye to any conversation with my boys and husband until it finishes but before they withdraw from all contact they have challenged me to find a connection between Jesus and Cricket. More ...

Holding the Inner Child

30/06/09 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (0) Comments

I wanted to write about Michael Jackson but perhaps it is too early with reports and revelations daily. I grew up with his music. I remember the comic strip TV programme of the 1970s and later on dancing to his music at the school and college discos. I've been thinking alot about my childhood and in a quiet way mourning someone who was part of it. More ...

Angels Everywhere?

23/06/09 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (0) Comments

You know how it is. No conversations or discussions or books about a subject and then that is all anyone seems to want to talk about. That is how it has been with angels recently. Maybe they are like buses, don't see one for ages then three come along at once.... More ...

What have you given up for lent?

04/03/09 | Posted by ellen | Permalink | (5) Comments

It seems that everyone around me has given something up for lent – the most popular being chocolate, wine, bread, cake, swearing and this year’s favourite facebook – it got me wondering why on earth we put ourselves through this annual 40 day fast and what does it all means? More ...

How much do you know about Jesus and the Bible?

02/03/09 | Posted by ellen | Permalink | (5) Comments

In the last couple of weeks there has been some comment in the media about the possibility that we in Britain are lacking the bible basics to make sense of our literary heritage. I was wondering if re:jesus readers share this view? More ...

Conversations with Jesus: In this episode Jesus meets Lisa Simpson

19/02/09 | Posted by ellen | Permalink | (15) Comments

In this episode Jesus Meets Lisa Simpson at Springfield Elementary to talk over church politics, world faiths and what it’s like to meet Richard Gere. More ...

Love covers over a multitude of sins

07/01/09 | Posted by ellen | Permalink | (3) Comments

I bought a new top the other day - it is white, made of linen, long and floaty. I like it. I wore it out for lunch with my mother, who said to me: 'Ellen - you look lovely, that top covers a multitude of sins'. More ...

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