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Obama and Jesus

06/02/11 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (1) Comments

It’s been a strangely religious week for President Obama. The man who many on the left thought would be the USA’s messiah has found himself beset with problems, not least that an astonishing 20% of Americans believe he is a Muslim despite his various claims to the contrary. More ...

400 Years of the King James Bible

29/01/11 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (0) Comments

This year marks the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible. It may not have been the first translation of the Bible into English, nor even the most accurate, but it has been the most influential and well-loved version of the Bible in the English-speaking world. More ...

Good News!

18/10/10 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (0) Comments

Last week was a week of good news with the sucessful rescue of 33 men from a mine in Chile. It was a nail biting time, but all the men arrived safely on the surface and the whole world seemed to join in with the celebrations of the Chilean people. But why don't we here more good news? More ...

Signs and Wonders

27/09/10 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (0) Comments

I saw the most amazing rainbow as I drove down the motorway last Saturday. My second thought (the first one was keep your eyes on the road dummy!) was: my pre industrial ancestors would have said, that something in the sky that was so unusual, was a sign from God. Was it? More ...

What do I do?

01/04/10 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (6) Comments

It is really tough when, as a parent, you see your child bullied at school. Two of mine have had real problems with this and, as a Christian, I really struggle. On one hand I am tasked with loving my neighbour and turning the other cheek. On the other Jesus was known for valuing children. It is difficult to know what to do when it is my child that is being thrown across a room or punched in the stomach. More ...

Dying to die?

28/02/10 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (3) Comments

I blogged back in December about my father in law who is very ill. Thanks to a wonderful care home he is still with us, but all the debates about euthanasia in the news recently have raised really important questions for us. What do you do when someone says they have had enough and don't want to go on? More ...

TV Review: The Bible: A History - Jesus (With Gerry Adams)

22/02/10 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (9) Comments

Gerry Adams’ exploration of Jesus and his teaching was always going to prove controversial, but it was pleasing to see that Channel 4 didn’t just go for the headlines, but also managed to make a high-quality, thought-provoking, documentary as well. More ...

Irish Republican Jesus

13/02/10 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (0) Comments

Gerry Adams might not be someone you would expect to find talking about Jesus. Indeed the last Conservative government found him so despicable that they banned his voice from being broadcast. But next Sunday, Adams will be doing just that as part of Channel 4’s series, The Bible: A History. More ...

The last taboo?

12/12/09 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (6) Comments

We aren't that festive in the Poppy household at the moment as someone close to us if very ill. Every time the phone goes I'm expecting bad news and it seems to be a particularily bad time of year to be in this situation as the last taboo for converstaion seems to be even more strongly observed now than at any other time of year. More ...

Is sorry really the hardest word?

16/11/09 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (6) Comments

The prime minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd has apologised to the hundreds of thousands of people, some British migrants, who were abused or neglected in state care as children and said that he hoped that this statement would lead to a 'turning point' in Australian history. Should an apology come before forgiveness? Is an apology ever enough? More ...

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