Face of Jesus or Optical Illusion?

24/04/11 | Posted by Sarah-L-B | Permalink | (2) Comments

Let's face it, road and street works are not exactly an engaging point of interest. To motorists and pedestrians alike they are an unwanted inconvenience. Frankly, if I have one more rude council worker wolf whistle at me I may actually push them into the hole they just spent three months digging. Yes, the red cone brigade really aren't everyone's favourite people. The only time road work has ever interested me was a few years ago in Wolverhampton. The rain, which had since passed, and mixed with the dug-up earth creating puddles of sludge all over the pavement. Getting onto my tiptoes and preparing to skip over the mess, I glanced downwards... More ...

Controversial Jesus Photograph Slashed in Gallery

21/04/11 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (3) Comments

One of the most controversial art works about Jesus has been vandalised by Christian protesters whilst on display in a gallery in France. The attack took place the day after a protest march by hundreds of French Catholic fundamentalists complaining about the work's inclusion at the Musée d'art Contemporain in Avignon. There has been tension in the city ever since the "I Believe in Miracles" exhibition began, with online petitions, criticisms of the piece by the Archbishop of Vaucluse and tens of thousands of emails objecting to the exhibition. More ...


13/04/11 | Posted by Stigweard | Permalink | (1) Comments

More ...

The Soapbox Approach

20/03/11 | Posted by Sarah-L-B | Permalink | (5) Comments

Walking down a busy street in the middle of town, there are various people I expect to see. The buskers with their guitars, the charity workers with their collection boxes, the guys advertising pizza with their 6-foot signs and of course the Big Issue sellers. It's fair to say that - on an average day - these people do not come as a surprise to us. Of course, every now and then, we see a new face on the street. More ...


18/03/11 | Posted by HughB | Permalink | (0) Comments

Professor Brian Cox’s series “Wonders of the Universe” is currently one of the most popular programmes viewed on BBC’s iPlayer. It gives answers to such questions as “Who are we?” and “Why are we here?” Having explored the nature of time, Brian concludes the first programme, Destiny, by declaring, “For me, our true significance lies in our ability and our desire to understand and explore this beautiful universe.” More ...

Behind the Lines

16/03/11 | Posted by HughB | Permalink | (0) Comments

I’ve gone through quite a few interviews in my time but recently I had to be part of a panel of interviewers for a job. More ...

Jesus, the Pope and Anti-Semitism

10/03/11 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (3) Comments

The Pope's new book goes on sale today, part 2 of his series "Jesus of Nazareth". The first book tackled the period "From the Baptism in the Jordan to the Transfiguration" so naturally part two goes "from the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection". The work covers a number of key issues such as the meaning of Jesus' death and the evidence about his resurrection. But one aspect that has caught the headlines is Pope Benedict's declaration that it was not all of the Jewish people who were responsible for Jesus' death, but only the "Temple aristocracy" and "the followers of Barabbas". More ...

Fostering Concern Over Court Battles

04/03/11 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (0) Comments

Jesus didn’t really tend to give advice. For all his perceived "love your enemy" cuddly hippy-ness, he generally told people what to do rather than just make suggestions. So it can make it quite hard to know what to do with the odd passage we come across in the gospels where Jesus does seem to be offering advice. One such verse has been on my mind recently - Matthew 5:25. More ...

Alternative Parables: #3 - The Better World

28/02/11 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (1) Comments

It was one of those church meetings that the media never seems to know exist: a circle of those desperate to make the world a better place passionately offering up their requests to God. As each prayed, the others listened earnestly to their friends' pleas, vocalising their agreement.

A woman took the mic... More ...

What is a “den of thieves”?

20/02/11 | Posted by Sarah-L-B | Permalink | (1) Comments

What exactly is a "den of thieves"? Let us examine this age-old saying in a modern world and ask: can YOU understand how Jesus felt? More ...

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