8 out of 10 tax accountants

21/06/12 | Posted by Ian Black | Permalink | (2) Comments

I don't know what 8 out of 10 cats might think of Jimmy Carr's tax affairs, but he has clearly had a rethink. The comedian found himself 'named and shamed' by the Prime Minister for getting involved in an offshore tax scheme that aims to reduce liability to UK tax. The legal rights and wrongs are being looked at by HM Revenue and Customs, so we will see whether, as one person said earlier, it is ruled off-sde or not and they all get a big bill. More ...

Pots and Kettles

21/06/12 | Posted by HughB | Permalink | (0) Comments

No doubt many of us picked up the recent concern about racism amongst football supporters at Euro 2012. The BBC has seemed especially worried about the matter, devoting a whole Panorama programme to the issue. Mind you, I had to smile when, having discussed racism on Match of the Day, the very same TV presenter in the lead-up to the Germany - Portugal game, pointed out that the Germans had arrived on the pitch pretty early “probably so that they could lay out their towels”. More ...

Union Jack

04/06/12 | Posted by Ian Black | Permalink | (1) Comments

I have changed my mind about the Union Jack. It's a gut feeling. I used to see it and found it had been hijacked in my brain by extreme right wing racism. I couldn't help it. Something unconscious associated it with hatred and violence. That is a shame to say the least because it's one of my national flags. But my view has been changed and changed by a very simple bit of history. More ...

Justice for the Pasty!

29/05/12 | Posted by HughB | Permalink | (0) Comments

Hurrah! The Government has seen sense. The price of a pasty is going to be the same whether the baker who cooked it serves it hot straight from the oven or allows it to cool. What a relief! That is front page news! More ...

Is the world ‘an empty’?

26/05/12 | Posted by Ian Black | Permalink | (1) Comments

The comedian Kevin Bridges recently ventured into the world of faith. He has decided that the world is 'an empty', a home where the parents are away and the teenage party has got out of hand. He ran with this to comedic effect. The idea of people skulking away, saying 'we didn't realise you were coming back', gives a picture of those caught out realising they have been busted. It can certainly feel like we are living in 'an empty' at times. More ...

Olympic Torch relay

19/05/12 | Posted by Ian Black | Permalink | (3) Comments

There is a fire about to sweep the nation. Actually there are several over the coming months. The Olympic Torch has landed in Cornwall and is about to make its progress around the country building excitement and enthusiasm for the 2012 London games. In June there will be beacons lit to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee. Both events are intended to inspire hope and the better side of our nature. Many churches will also be taking part in prayer events to accompany both lights and celebrations. More ...

Easter specs

22/04/12 | Posted by Ian Black | Permalink | (0) Comments

Like many I am finding the reports of the trial of Anders Breivik disturbing. Last July he killed 77 people in attacks in Norway, not least 70 young people on an island camp. The details are distressing to read. The case at the moment is trying to determine his sanity, but my assumption is that sane people don't behave like that. I got a glimpse of that the other day seeing the way a group of young people responded to a tragic death with compassion and sensitivity, honouring the one who had died with dignity and devotion. This seems to be how normal people behave. The trouble of course with 'normal' is that how we see it depends on what we take for granted and that has to be fed. More ...


07/04/12 | Posted by Stigweard | Permalink | (0) Comments

More ...

Keep Calm

31/03/12 | Posted by Ian Black | Permalink | (1) Comments

One of the images that has captured imaginations at the moment is a World War II poster carrying the simple message 'keep calm and carry on'. The poster was never issued and was only discovered 60 years later by a bookseller in Northumberland in a pile of dusty secondhand books. The poster produced so much interest that when it was reprinted it became an instant hit. It's ironic then that with this slogan everywhere we are in the grip of panic over pasties and petrol. I have a mug which carries a parody of the slogan: 'now panic and freak out', which is looking more accurate. More ...

At Cross Purposes

27/03/12 | Posted by HughB | Permalink | (1) Comments

Here’s a conundrum for you: What’s the similarity between a Sports Relief Fun-Runner and the Church of England? Well one answer might be “they’re both after your money” but there is another. More ...

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