Jesus, Hell and the Primary School

15/02/09 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (19) Comments

Do you go to Hell if you don’t believe in Jesus? That was what one five year old told her classmate recently. When her friend burst into tears, their teacher stepped in and told the girl, Jasmine Cain, that such behaviour was unacceptable. Later that afternoon Jasmine’s mother picked up her from school only for Jasmine to burst into tears as she explained what had happened. More ...


15/02/09 | Posted by Vicky | Permalink | (1) Comments

I live just down the road from a large community of Charedi Jews (more commonly known as the ultra-Orthodox). It’s easy to tell which households are Jewish – they all have a little ceramic tube attached to the doorpost, a mezuzah, which people kiss as they go in and out. Each mezuzah contains a scroll with the same passage from the Torah written on it: "Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is One. You shall love the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your power…” More ...

Soup Kitchen

11/02/09 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (2) Comments

If Jesus were alive today in one of the UK’s inner cities where would he be? Somehow I can’t see him as a city banker with a big bonus and a flash car. Perhaps he might be working with the poor. He spent a lot of his time with the outcasts of his day so maybe he would be working in one of the soup kitchens run by one of the churches or the Salvation Army. But would he be getting into trouble? More ...

Jesus – the Aquarius personality

09/02/09 | Posted by Steve Hollinghurst | Permalink | (6) Comments

Jesus is the model for all kinds of people to look to as they seek to become fully themselves and reach their potential. It could then be said that if we can speak of the star signs as representing different personality types, we can speak of Jesus as possessing the best traits of each. ‘Zodiac Jesus’ explores this each month showing how Jesus embodies the best of each type. Read the introduction to this series. More ...

Are Jesus and Dracula the same person? The seven key clues….

02/02/09 | Posted by feihero | Permalink | (12) Comments

Once bitten forever smitten. Or so it would seem. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a 14 year-old fan of Twilight, a Victorian reader of Bram Stoker, or a medieval French clegyman writing a report of unsettling happenings in your parish. Once you’ve glimpsed the pale and interesting face of vampirism, you fall under its spell. There can have been few things more resilient, more contagious, or more epidemic in the human imagination, you might think, than the idea of vampires. More ...

Who Would Jesus Assasinate?

24/01/09 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (0) Comments

Film Review: Valkyrie
Would Jesus have approved of a plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler? German Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg certainly thought so, even risking his life in an attempt to kill the Nazis' infamous leader. More ...

Conversations with Jesus: In this episode Jesus meets Karl Marx

23/01/09 | Posted by ellen | Permalink | (10) Comments

Over a coffee in Starbucks Jesus and Karl Marx discuss collapse of capitalism, Babel (the tower not the film) and hope. More ...

Ali Jesus

20/01/09 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (1) Comments

Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen has been discussing some of the plans for his next film Bruno. Borat caused such a stir that it led to a number of court cases, but, if anything, the new film looks to go a stage further. More ...

Mary and Jesus appear in lava lamp

16/01/09 | Posted by Ralph | Permalink | (2) Comments

"I had been going through a tough time and was paying for a sign … a divine sign from God that I was not alone and that all would work out fine,” John Smith from Sydney explains on his website, “I turned on my brand new lava lamp and watched in awe as the unmistakeable image of the Holy Mary cradling the Baby Jesus appeared.” More ...

Coronation Street Cross

15/01/09 | Posted by ellen | Permalink | (6) Comments

Many of today’s newspapers have featured a story about the wedding of Coronation Street characters Tyrone Dobbs and Molly Compton. During the fictional ceremony the altar cross, that is usually a prominent feature of the real life church St Mary's in Nether Alderley, Cheshire, was replaced by a candelabra and a flower display. So much fuss has been made about the missing cross that the producers of the popular soap have had to apologize for its absence. More ...

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