Film Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

16/07/09 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (1) Comments

Since the relaunch of the rejesus blog at the start of the year I've been reviewing new movies that relate to Jesus in some way. Whilst it's not always easy to find films that fit into that category, Harry Potter should have been straight forward. After all it's humble hero is an exceptional miracle worker, who is born to be the chosen one. The problem... was me. More ...


07/07/09 | Posted by ellen | Permalink | (0) Comments

On re:jesus we have featured a few strange items which some people believe resemble the face or body of Jesus but this one has to be the most extra-ordinary. A couple from Texas believe that they have found Jesus in their cheese crisps - they have named the cheesy phenomenon 'Cheesus'! More ...

The Hidden Gospels - Part 3: The Gospel of Thomas

01/07/09 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (1) Comments

Perhaps the most famous of the hidden gospels is the Gospel of Thomas. We've known about it ever since it was written, but it has only been more recently when we discovered what it actually said. In 1945 a copy of Thomas' Gospel turned up in Nag Hammadi, Egypt, amongst a collection of other ancient documents, and closer study revealed that a few fragments from it had already been found 50 years earlier. More ...

Holding the Inner Child

30/06/09 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (0) Comments

I wanted to write about Michael Jackson but perhaps it is too early with reports and revelations daily. I grew up with his music. I remember the comic strip TV programme of the 1970s and later on dancing to his music at the school and college discos. I've been thinking alot about my childhood and in a quiet way mourning someone who was part of it. More ...

Film Review: Year One

27/06/09 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (1) Comments

With his beard and his stout figure Jack Black has often seemed a littel prehistoric compared to his liposuctionned, bodywaxed, Hollywood cohorts. So it was perhaps only a matter of time until someone offered him a role playing a caveman. Black plays the role of Zed alongside Michael Cerra's Oh in Year One, the latest film from producer Judd Apatow (Superbad, Knocked Up, Anchorman) and writer / director Harold Ramis (Analyze This, Groundhog Day). More ...

Angels Everywhere?

23/06/09 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (0) Comments

You know how it is. No conversations or discussions or books about a subject and then that is all anyone seems to want to talk about. That is how it has been with angels recently. Maybe they are like buses, don't see one for ages then three come along at once.... More ...

Jesus – the Cancer personality

22/06/09 | Posted by Steve Hollinghurst | Permalink | (2) Comments

This personality is strongly associated with motherhood and the mysterious as well as the compassionate. It is traditionally connected with the imagery of the moon and the flow of the deep oceans. Yet as its symbol the crab suggests people of this personality can also be ‘crabby’ moody individuals. In what way might Jesus embody the motherhood of God and how might he help those with this kind of personality to grow out of its worst tendencies? More ...

Marmite Jesus

31/05/09 | Posted by ellen | Permalink | (3) Comments

It may not be obvious to everyone but Mrs Allen, of Ystrad, Rhondda, Wales claims that she and her family can see the face of Jesus in the lid of their marmite jar. "The kids are still eating it, but we kept the lid." said Mr Allen. More ...

Who should be our leaders?

29/05/09 | Posted by Poppy | Permalink | (3) Comments

The Euro elections are almost upon us and if members of parliament who say they will step down at the next election (news story is here) bow to pressure and resign now, there will be by-elections. In the light of all the revelations about expenses claims what sort of people should be our leaders? More ...

Jeansus Christ

29/05/09 | Posted by MattPage | Permalink | (0) Comments

When an 87 year-old lady Winifred Gregory died last year she left her parish church a substantial sum of money. After much deliberation Father David Buckley and his Uckfield congregation decided to commission a new, modern statue to hang on the church's tower. The winner was a seven foot bronze statue, sculpted by Marcus Cornish, which shows Jesus in modern attire. "Jesus in Jeans", as the statue has quickly become known, not only depicts Christ in Jeans and a T-shirt, but also shows him with short hair and a neatly trimmed beard. More ...

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